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Meditation / dream log VI


I've been much to stressed in the office to do much meditation the past few weeks. Also there were not many notable dreams, but here's at least something:

Later this day I saw something fluffy in meditation... a griffin I think. The name "Gaelen" pops through my head. He wants to show me something... not today, I'm too tired.

I'm much more focused today. Met Gaelen at the meadow. He leads me through one of the dimensional gates and we arrive at a place where many Griffins live. I see a family of them, two adults and a small one. We land on a greens with a high hill on one side, they lead me into a village. The people there seem to have no problem with my draconian appearance. Everyone seems to welcome me like an old friend. I do some energy work and even transform to full dragon in the air. They seem to like that. I play a bit with the others in draconian form in the air. They seem to be friends. Returning to the meadow, I find C there. He's glowing blue. He tells he's done something exhausting, but is cheerful. Seems fine.

My dream log is unclear, but it seems I had a lucid dream today in which I tried to change my body color and head form.

Very strange and rarely intense uncontrolled dream. I had trouble with some kind of acid I mixed for an arts class. It was a liquid I didn't really know how to store. Didn't get harmful though.

Around this day, I had a very notable dream. Once again, I saw a military-grade helicopter landing on my parent's old house terrace. I've seen this in-dream scene several times over during at least the last 5 years. It always felt like being watched or threathened, very, very uncomfortable. I was never able to contact the aircraft's crew; they felt like hostile aliens. But this time, my father and me approached the pilots and I actually talked to them. And I found they were totally OK. They were Americans with a clearly friendly intent. They meant to protect us and check how we were doing. I even got their names; I think one of them was called Bob. They were quite cool to talk with.
This is really, really remarkable. I hope I'll be able to remember that when I see them next time.

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