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Vampire Talk: Episode 1


Hey guys, so me and Drac are doing something a bit different today! I'm gonna let her talk for a bit cause I don't know what to write about for now XD. All of her words will be seen in the color below. SO, without further adu, Draculara!

I've told her to stop with the dramatic entrances, she won't listen. Hi everyone, i'm Draculara, and today I just wanted to introduce myself! So, for starters, here is a picture of me:


As you can see, I absolutly love pink! My whole wardrobe is pink really. My dad, Dracula by the way, hates it but lets me keep my fav color! My GFF (Ghoul-Friend Forever!), Frankie, and me mostly fang out at the maul. No matter how many times I ask, Ginger won't go to the mall. I don't know what her problem is with it. Selfie of me and Frankie together!


Our other ghoul friend, Clawdeen, took that for us. Frankie, Clawdeen, and me convinced my dad to help turn our house into a school for monsters! It took a lot of work, and a lot of begging, but he finally gave in! I was gonna add yet another picture, but Ginger is telling me not to make the post picture heavy. I'm only listening cause it's her blog. I'd rather start my own. Hey! Maybe I could do that! I have to go talk to her about that now.

Catch you later, my batty friends!


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