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Things I Love and Do - Explained

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Things I Love and Do - Explained

I have many favorite things, and reasons behind them.  Like how much I love foxes and wolfs, or why I listen to music 24/7.  I feel it may be interesting for some people, so I am going to write about it. J Let’s get started


Foxes –

I am not too sure why this is.  I just have always had a soft spot for them. It maybe that when I was a baby, my mother gave me a stuffed animal fox, I called her Foxy, and I would take her around with me everywhere I went.  One day I missed placed her, so they had to replace her.  And I still have my new Foxy to this day. 


Wolves –

I remember the first time I saw a wolf.  I was at The Washington DC Zoo, and my parents took me to look at the wolves.  When I got there I went up to the front, and just stared at them in awe.  One of them, a grey one, (wow, this story really relates to my kin type… that’s cool ^^) Looked over at me, and it felt like we just stared at one another.  It was awesome.  I got overly excited and started to howl.  Then one of them howled back!!  I am literally smiling while I write this :’)


Music –

I have always had an ear for music.  Not just any kind, but weird stuff.  Even when I was a baby, my mom would play this strange techno song to calm me down, and apparently, I would fall asleep to it. XD 

Today, I listen to Jack Stauber to Baronial Boi.  I’m weird… Moving On!


Nature –

When I was homeschooled, all I did was play outside, and do my school work.  I never played video games, or watched TV, I was always exploring the woods, or streams near the house.  I remember the first time my friend took me into her woods.  It was much larger and greener then mine. Mine was muddy but had a deep wide creek.  Hers and a wide, flowing creek, but not as deep (in most parts) and greenery everywhere.  It was amazing.  We stayed out there for about 6 hours! It felt like I was home.




Singing –

I don’t do this often anymore, but when I was younger, all I did was sing and preform in front of people. It was a passion.  I had an accident recently, that I don’t like discussing unless I trust the person, during a piano party, and I haven’t used my voice in public since.  But I do it when I’m alone…


Acting –

Oh my gosh!  Where do I start!  When I was only four, and my mom signed me up for a theater class, taught by a retired Broadway performer.  He was so nice, and I learned a lot from him.  However that studio, was extremely overpriced, so we had to leave.  But I continued to take theater from various companies.


Drawing –

I have always had a hobby for drawing, I just wasn’t very good at it.  I would write books and would then draw pictures beside each page.  I actually created the original Elsa!  XD in 2008, I made a book about a girl who had ice powers and was named Elsa, don’t believe me? I’ll post a picture of it in my photo album!


Piano and Guitar –

I was taught by my piano teacher how to play both.  She is so sweet, and I love her very much! The first song I learned, I still know X’D  I even made up lyrics for it when I was nine.  My friends and I have a tradition for when we see each other.  We will always jam out to Heart and Soul of the piano, freestyle.  Sometimes we will do a freestyle section that isn’t even part of the song. It is always so much fun.  I have defiantly improved in my skills over the years.



Things I cannot live without –


Music –

If I did not have music, I don’t know how I would be living right now.  Sometimes I panic, when I don’t have any music available, because it is just too quiet and it just bothers me.

Headphones –

It’s kind of the same reason for the one above.  Without headphones, I couldn’t listen to music, (in school or in a car I mean…)

Nature –

This is kind of hard to explain.  But I’ll try.  Nature has always been a part of me.  If I did not have it, I would be miserable.  For example, if I were to live a city, like New York, I wouldn’t be able to handle it.  I need the woods.  It is where I go to cool off, or vent.



Well, that was all I could think of.  I’m sure that there is much more, but I can’t think of anything else.  If you enjoyed, leave a like (I’m not forcing you too just if you want J)

I hope you liked this!


@Effervescent-Daydream – Made a post about what to write about in your blog.  She inspired me to do this topic!



From your loving Grey Wolf ~






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