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Otherkin Writing Volg 1

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Otherkin Writing Volg 



May 12, 2019 – 5:56 PM




Cleo – FoxChi




Today, I was filled with many shifts.  From mental to phantom.  It was probably the worst day for it.  It is Mother’s Day, and we went for a drive through the woods.  Aho, you don’t know how bad I wanted to go into the forest and just run!   I wanted to leave this human body so bad! 


Recently my mother told me that I was not allowed to wear a tail! And if she saw one on me she would ground me.  Now being a rebellious child, I wore one anyway… I wore a coat around my waste to cover it tho… anyway I didn’t get caught. HAH! But I probably won’t wear one to school… nah, not probably, WONT.


My mom was stressed today, so she blamed me for it, again.  So that wasn’t as fun as I had hoped…  When she was yelling at me I felt my ears on my head, go down.  Not like droopy just what a wild dog would do when threatened, know what I mean?


Well, I’ll end this blog here… Have a good day/night…. Talk tomarrow…


Your Loving Grey Wolf



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