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A Piece Of Ginger Episode 2: Plurality Part 2


On 5/11/2019 at 4:54 AM, Fjordess said:

I encourage you to check in and talk with Draculara about how she thinks of plurality, and how she thinks she's connected to you! Some headmates are very opinionated on the matter. 

Just wanted to say thanks for this tip, @Fjordess! And out to you too @Addy! Both of ya'll are big help in this process, cause I literally didn't know anyone really read my blog lol.

So back to the convo, now containing correct information from then two lovely friends in the comments of the last episode. I decided to have a little chat with Drac 2 days ago (note, this was before I saw the comment above) and you can see how that convo went in my status updates hehe.

Once she wakes up (she tells me not to wake her till 6pm at the earliest 😂) I'll ask her about plurality. On another note though, I'm still confused a little on soulbounding. Idk, i'll ask Addy about it later.

In other news though, Drac as been talking with someone new. She won't tell me who it is but she has been missing our nightly coffee shop chats for the person. I plan to find out who it is tonight. Wish me luck, Drac is very stubborn lol.

I plan on rearranging my headspace. I'm thinking to change it into more of a forest theme. Right now it looks like a run down, abandoned, motel XD. Draculara is against it but I really don't care what she thinks sometimes. I've agreed to leave her school there, as thats where she hangs with her friends.

That's a whole other side of thw world though, so i'll leave that to her to take care of. I am so not walking over 200 miles just to come visit her school. At least she can turn into a bat and fly!

Well, I need to get ready for school now, cause I finished typing this as soon as I woke up. Byeeee

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I'm impressed to hear about the innerworld you're connected to! I completely lack one, presently, aside from my intentionally imagine lilac void, which is only used for metaphors and drawing, not communicating with my headmates/soulbonds. 

So, I cannot speak from my own experience, but you may want to consider compromising with Draculara about changing the headspace rather than completely blowing off her opinion. Like a real life friend, disregarding her feelings and making such decisions can really harm the relationship. 

If you'd prefer a forest, and she the hotel... Why not combine the two! A run-down hotel or inn within a forest, taken over by plants. It's quite beautiful, I think! Just something to consider.




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