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My bullying stories.

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My bullying stories.


I have always been bullied. I do not understand why.  I am kind, patent, loyal, and have been told that I am a great friend.  But people still bully me.  My parents and close friends have told me that people do this too me because they are jealous.  I do not understand that either… I am not one who, I, would think people would get jealous over.  I do not have the best home life, I am not pretty, and I was emotional… So why would people get jealous of me?


My first incident with getting bullied, that I can remember, was in kindergarten.  My father had bought me an adorable turtle shirt, that I loved so much.  It was simple, cute, and innocent.  One day I wore it to preschool.  It was all fine until two kids, I do not remember their gender or what they looked like, walked up to me,


“That is the ugliest shirt I have ever seen.”  They started telling me to never wear it again, and that it was immature.  So, I never wore it again.  When I think about this situation, I get sad.  I should not have stopped wearing it.  It was my style, not theirs.  But I was a kid.  I did not know better.


The next incident, that I remember, started in 3rd grade.  My mother decided to homeschool me after kindergarten, because the elementary school that our neighborhood was distracted too, was a very bad school.  Infosys on very.  She noticed that I did not have many friends.  And that was an extrovert, unlike everyone else in the family.  So, she decided to send my sisters and me to a co-op every Tuesday, at a small local church.  It was called Classical Conversations.  It is an amazing school for homeschoolers.  It had songs to help you memorize things and an outstanding English department.  I was writing five paragraph essays in third grade! It was a great education system.  I made many more friends.  It was great! At least until… some of them started to manipulate me…


There was a girl, two months, three weeks and 2 days older than me.  Yes, I know how much older she is.  She calculated it because she thought that age was everything.  I thought she was a good person… but she started to do things, things that I was not comfortable with.  I never followed through with her, “games,” but she would always be seductive, and, well, odd.   I do not want you to think that I am dirty minded in my actions, because I am not.  I do make jokes a lot, but I never do anything, bad.  I am actually asexual.  So that kind of thing bugs me.


One of the things she would do was take off her top… I would ask her to put it bake on, and sometimes she would, but other times, she wouldn’t…  Don’t worry! She had an undergarment on.  When she would do this, she would say stuff like, “You look hot too.  Need a breather?” basically asking if I wanted to ‘strip.’  I would ALWAYS say no.  But she did it often… and it bothered me…


Soon later, she started to spread roomers about me…  things, that I am not going to say.  But they hurt.  Then she would say things to me, that hurt.  She would always infuse that she was a grade older, only because of the stupid, “If you are born before September 31st! then you’re a grade above!” rule.  One time she told me this,


“Oh! Cleo! Guess what! I am starting a bible study! Oh, wait… it's only for 6th graders! Sorry, maybe next year!” And then she patted me on the head.  It really hurt at the time.


other occurrences like this happened, with multiple people.  Two others who were absolute dog poop, I’ll call one Bratty and the other sl*t.  Bratty, is a dancer, not very good, and is the brattiest botch ever. Background story:  I had started a little business, at lunch, called “Cleo Catore.”  I made about 15 dollars a month! It was great.  I made these really cool headbands, bow ties, earing, and hair clips.  It was a hit.  So, Bratty and Sl*t wanted to do the same.  So they called theirs, “Diamond Beautique.” So original. Anyway, they sold cheap loom bracelets, that broke when you put them on.  One day, I wanted to buy one for my friend.  She wanted one because her sister was sick, but she didn’t have money.  So, being a nice friend, I went over to them, too buy one for her.  They had a sign that stated, “Buy one get one free.” So, I thought I’d get two.  I picked one out and paid for it.  Then I took a second bracelet.  They knew I did, by the way.  And I went to her and gave them to her.

During our three hour English class, they came up to me.  And sat on either side of me, then slammed their stuff on the table,

“Give us the money you stole!” They yelled.  I looked at them confused.  I didn't steal anything,

“What are you talking about?” I said.  They started telling me that someone said that they saw me steal from them.  And I came back and said if there were any more witnesses? They said no, and kept yelling at me.  I was already, having a hard year.  All my good friends left CC, (that is what we called Classical Conversations) so, I was already upset.  This made me mad.  And I wanted to cry.  Finally, an older girl, in the back called me,

“Hey, Cleo!  Want to join us back here?” I nodded and moved away from them.

There was another experience at this school.  I have allergies.  I am deadly allergic to Cashews, Postatiohs, and Mangos.  So, I was trying to show the parents how to use one.   I thought that I had pulled out a trainer.  But I was wrong.  I swung the Epi-pen into my thigh, then fell down, due to the instant feeling of the needle.  I pulled it out, and through it on the table.  Then I started panicking and crying.  They had to call an ambulance so that they could lower my heart rate.  My leg was shaking. However, it didn’t really hurt.  I was just scared of what would happen.

The next Tuesday, people around the school, would see me, and then grab a pool noodle, and taunt me with this phrase.

“I shot myself with an epi-pen!” and people would laugh.  It wasn’t one person. Oh no, it was a crowd of people. One day I couldn’t take it anymore, and I said to them,

“At least I could handle it!” and the crowd started screaming “ohhh!” and whatever.  Soon after. My mother did not send me back to this school.

The next school I went to was a private school.  It was very small, and I liked it a lot.  The teachers sucked at teaching, but most of the kids were nice.  I normally hung out with the high schoolers, and the boys in my class because most of the girls discluded me from the “group.”  They were jerks anyway.

After I left that school, I went to another private school, where the teachers where outstanding.  But the kids… I will never forget how they treated me.  It was misery. The worst way I had been treated.  Everyone in that class despised me.  I didn’t even know them too much.  The teachers liked me though.  And I learned a lot of things there.  It was a great school, just the kids… the where evil.


When I first went there, I was friends with a girl named Hannah.  She was awesome. And we were great friends.  Until she left.  I had to make new friends.  So I managed to make friends with the two other girls in my class. We will call one, Gymmy and the other Richard Swimmings (they are both girls… you’ll understand in a minute.)


One day, a boy in my class had thought my name was Chloe.  It's not… And we all corrected him.  And then his friend and he thought of a nickname for me.  After school, they came to me and told me what they came up with.  Normally it is “Cleo Catra” or “Cleo Patra” but nooo…. It was “Cleo FATtra.”  I was hurt.  When I came home, I told my parents. And they immediately called the boys’ parents.  They got what they deserved.


They apologized the next day, however, the taunting started.  Every time I would walk by, be placed on their team, or placed at their table.  They would say things like, “ugh! Nooo!” and whisper things about me.  It lasted all year long. Soon they had the whole class against me. The girls that I was friends with showed me a TV series called, Stranger Things.  I didn’t know this at the time.  But I had ADHD. So I got obsessed with it. They would judge me for liking it so much and talk behind my back.


Soon, I had no friends, and I grew very depressed.  Then one day Richard Swimmings, pulled me out of the classroom, to talk to me.  She told me that I was very immature and that I needed to stop gossiping. I hadn’t even gossiped about her. She was one of the worst people I have ever met.  If I had a Death Note, she would be the first person I would write, and I’d give her a gory painful death, that she would suffer through! –sorry, that was dark…


There are so many more things that they did. But I do not have enough energy to explain them all.  But let's just say.  When I left that school. I was so happy.


Currently, I am finishing the my8th-grade year at my first, ever, public school! I love it here.  The teachers are nice, most of the kids are nice. And I am a very popular person (not in a social status way, as in an ‘everyone knows me’ way.)  People elected me as president, and I am friends with almost everyone at my school! 6th through 8th!  I cannot wait until high school, to meet more people and help more lives! ( I am a student council, basically… people come to me for their problems…) And I enjoy helping, and making friends wherever I go!


~The End

Blog post by- Cleo/FoxChi

May 16, 2019

9:32 PM

Have a good Day/night!



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