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Otherkin Volg 3

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Otherkin Volg 3


I had just realized I haven't done this in a while... But having parents that do not support me in almost anything, sucks....

I try to be nice, I try to be a good child....  But I just suck....  if I were them, I would have sold me to a orphanage already.

my parents found out about kinmunity....  it did not end well.  I do not like talking about it, unless its with someone privately...  But I will say, that I hate them.  They are stressful.. and a pain in the ass.  My mom took half of my room, and "cleaned" it then through away things that I did not want her too.  She didn't ask me if she could through somethings away.... but she did anyway.  She sucks the life out of me.   I help her with her anxiety, I do lots of things for her, but she still treats me like shit.

I cannot wait to leave my house.  As soon as I am 17 I am out of there.

Sorry... this post was more a vent then a volg entry...


10:54 AM ~ 5/21/2019


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Sounds difficult, im really sorry. I know we don't really talk, but if you ever need someone to vent to, I'm here, studios honor. 

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