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Hailstorm Awakening


I don't know why but Hailstorm has slowly become my midentity. It used to just be a dragon kintype, but has time went on the dragon became Hailstorm. Because I am going to talk a lot about this, I thought I might as well tell of my awakening.

It started with my dragon awakening when I was in about 2nd grade. I began to identify as an ice dragon, and as time went on I created a story around this identity. Note I say "created" because I was young and knew everything I was creating wasn't true or correct, outside of the fact I identified as a dragon. I was young and wanted a good story to daydream about, so that's what I made. 

By the time I found Wings of Fire, the book series Hailstorm is from, I was already apart of the otherkin community and identified as a dragon. I began reading the story and slowly-but-surely began to feel a connection to the series deeper than it was a good story. I got onto the 6th book and that's when I began getting the "kin feels." I began connecting to Icewings, but I chocked it up to me being with an ice-dragon. When I got to the 7th book I knew it was more than just a similar identity. I knew I was kin with someone in this series and that that someone was an Icewing. I also felt that this someone was royalty, especially connected to Queen Glacier.

So imagine my confusion when I began feeling kin feelings towards Pyrite, a Skywing. 

At this point I didn't know Pyrite was actually Hailstorm under an enchantment. I began wondering if I could be kin as two characters from Wings of Fire. I was never the person to like having two kintypes from the same source, but I wasn't closed to the idea. When the reveal happened and Pyrite became Hailstorm, I just about screamed. Like. Holy shit. My kin feels were accurate!? It felt almost... supernatural that I was feeling a connection to both a royal Icewing and to Pyrite at the same time. 

I would talk about the awakening of my other kintypes, but there wasn't any set "boom" moments like there was with Hailstorm. 

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