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One of my greatest hobbies has always been storytelling. But I'll be completely honest, something changed me around the age of 8. I was in 4th grade, and I'll be completely honest. I wasn't the smartest child around then. I barely had the reading comprehension of a 2nd grader, I couldn't come up with unique ideas to save my life, and I wasn't very good at learning new things.

But I remember that at a unspecified moment near my birthday, my mother had gone to Borders to get me a present, because even though I wasn't very good at reading, I loved it anyways. (I remember around that time, my friends got me to read Warriors, and I was obsessed with that.) We were always lower income, so Borders was always really expensive for my mum, but she bought me Eragon and something changed in me. I can't say for sure whether it was then that the change occurred, or whether it had occured before that and I just hadn't been aware of it. But I finished that book in 3 days. I barely put it down, and for the first time, I truly understood what I was reading.

Not long after that, maybe a few months in fact, I went from a 2nd grade reading level, as a 4th grader, to a 10th grade reading level, then by 5th grade, I was in college level reading. It sounds fake, even to myself, but it was true. Something changed in me, and suddenly I could absorb information incredibly fast. My grades shot up, and suddenly I was basically the top of my classes in raw intellect (not in grade though, because I hated homework and didn't do it unless forced to.) 

After that point, I suddenly was constantly bombarded by ideas for stories. I had always wanted to be an archaeologist, or a marine biologist as a kid, but suddenly an all consuming love of storytelling bloomed in me, not just writing, but drawing, music, even fashion designs, but over the years the drawing, and music writing, and fashion designing have moved to the sides, leaving writing as my truest form of art, and storytelling for me.

Whatever happened also affected me with electronics, I was suddenly able to comprehend and excel at video games, and the internet started to make more sense to me. (This was before my massive depression came in like the humidity, draining all my life, and will to be different from me. Which lead me to repressing all that was unique about me in order to try and be accepted and loved by my "friends" and family. Long story short, that didn't work and instead almost killed me. But I digress.)

It was like my consciousness was drowning in creative purity. I came up with characters, worlds, stories, and much more magic all the time. Back then I did very little original work, thinking I wasn't good enough to do my own things yet, so instead I wrote fanfiction. (I hope that no one is ever able to dig those up, because yes, I had ideas, but I was trapped by little actual practice, and the classic pit fall of using edge and cliches to the point where it was just painful to read. But it helped me grow into my own writing, so I do appreciate it, even if I hope that my old works never see the light of day again for all your sakes.

Now, as an adult, my dream is to be a novelist. I mean, my high schools (both of them) gave me special awards that they never used before, and never used again after I left the "Most Creative Writer" award, and all my English teachers telling me that I could, and would, make it in the literary world if I stayed true to my dreams, so I do believe I have talent, but I need to actually let myself write, and let it be flawed, instead of wanting it to start perfect.

Now, I had always wanted to play games like D&D growing up, but I lived in a really small town, in the woods, and there weren't many kids who liked that sort of thing, and my friends were the only ones, but back then it was play games their way or it was the highway, and I never really liked the stories they wanted to tell. So I never played with them.

But about two and a half years ago I decided to start and make myself in D&D, so I went to 4chan, and Piratebay and got like a shit-ton of TTRPG books. Like I didn't know what I wanted so I got as many as I could. Let's just say my storage drive has almost 300gbs of RPG books (Admittedly, I might have dozens of duplicates of some books I still need to sort it all considering I add to it all the time. And before you say anything about pirating, I actually do buy my own copies of the things I really like. And I mean like the deluxe heavy color paper hardcovers that cost like $120 per book. I support the authors and then some when I truly love a book, but I'm not going to spend money on something I despise, as some books I have.)

I have spent almost every day these past two and a half years reading RPG books, and spending massive amounts of time creating myself, my husband, and our true families in these worlds. I spend so much time while reading compiling worlds, and characters, and building a story for us to live in, even though I keep them all to myself, because I don't want to overwhelm my poor husband. (He's only now getting into the tabletop role playing recently, though we've been roleplaying for almost 8 years together, so it's not that new to us. But making things random sometimes actually creates a challenge for us, to have to storytell around.)

So I'm going to use this blog entry, and update it whenever I read a new franchise and make myself and my husband in it, and use this as a place to write a simple blurb about me in each world. I can include non-tabletop franchises here as well. 

Personas For RPGs: (Hidden For Ease Of Viewing)


        Race: Half-Orc Tiefling Shapeshifter
        Class: Warlock Sorcerer

        Race: Formorian Troll
        Archetype: Harmonizer (Magical Technomancer)

           Exalted Type: Infernal Lunar (Not Akuma)
           Infernal Caste: Defiler/Malefactor
           Lunar Caste: No Moon/Changing Moon


If anyone has other franchises that seem interesting give me a message and let me know. I always like new stories. 😄


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