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Walking the walk


With a few tweaks and some time to actually finalize everything, I have decided to bring my zhuard self to life- Allen- even if at the slowest of gaits. A lot of patience is needed with these things. I will post it elsewhere but for now I figure why not here first..this is after all a personal project in a way. I don't often draw Allen, as I might have said in the past. Not for any real reason- there's a lot of others I haven't gotten around to but hopefully will soon. The expression of the walk feels correct- and not correct physiology wise, that's correct for a zhu- but correct as in resonating. It resonates with me. This is how I would walk and all it's specifics....though I admit, did play around with the tail flick (which zhuards at certain gaits do)..I might not have been that expressive haha. This is definitely an improvement on my art end as far as animation goes (I'm extremely new to it..). 

Allen walk.gif

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That's super-cool! I notice that the head barely moves at all... is that how it's supposed to be?

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Yes, unlike some animals, zhuards are stiff in certain areas. Although their neck and head is flexible when stressed/in use the muscles shock absorb, movement is minimal.  It seems very alien/animation flaw but being stiff from the neck up in certain gaits and in general was also encouraged by their creators...almost like a military-ish walk.  I should add that in my descriptions.

It is like keeping a horse's head in frame through all gaits (though no bridle here). 

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