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Draconian Hunting Instinct... 🐉🍽🦌


One of the parts of being The Celestial Draconian Queen, and a draconian as ancient as I am, is being a primal hunter. I was considered one of the greatest hunters of my time and world, because of my heightened senses and intricate abilities, however I focus more on the survival and respective aspect of hunting if anything rather than the thrill of it. My most important rule is respect the balance and the animal, as I wouldn’t have my food and substance if the animal didn’t make its sacrifice to me. I was a master of stealth and aerodynamic hunting, so hunting was relatively easy for someone like me, however, again, the respect for the sacrifice is much more important. I admire nature in all of its being, and I always am grateful and appreciate all the resources that she provides to all beings that reside on all worlds... 🐉🐉🐉

I am still questioning the other aspects of my hunting abilities and mapping every area of my vast hunting territory. I’m going on a huge road trip up from South Texas to the Pacific Northwest as well, and I’m very excited to see all of the beautiful nature, eat all of the good foods, and feel the most amazing and harmonious balance in all of the natural world! ^.=.^ 🌳🍀🌳


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