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"Princess Of The Burning Roses" Prologue Of the YA Novel I'm Working On

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I'm an aspiring novelist, and I figure it would be best to start with a YA novel. If I can get popular with a YA novel, I could make a lot more money, and write much more steadily.


I wanna feel human again.

I don’t want this power anymore. The pain is too much now. I can barely remember what it was like to be normal anymore.


Normal. Only a short time ago I hated being normal. I hated the boring life I had been living, and now I would give so much to go back to that life.

I’m so different than I was back then, only a month ago, and yet now I’m living a different life completely.


I can hear the fighting around me, but it sounds so distant now. Fading as if someone was turning down the volume. I could barely breath, and the dark was beginning to creep in around the edges of my vision.


It feels cold. I haven’t felt cold in so long. It feels… frightening.


I’m scared. I can hear Luca still fighting his voice is getting louder even though everything seems to be getting so quiet.

“Adelaide! Hold on!” I felt Luca pull my jacket open. The fabric stuck to my shirt and felt heavy than they should have. I felt his hands press on my abdomen, around one of the arrows that were protruding from me. His skin was warm. Much warmer than I felt right now. I didn’t feel much right now, the pain had already begun to fade and be replaced by the cold. It felt like the concrete beneath me was stealing all my warmth.“Thaddeus, Lilian! Cover us, Adele’s wounded! Alden can’t hold off the rest of them by himself. Shit, she’s losing ichor fast!”

“Get her to safety, Luca! Thaddeus and I will give you time to finish the incantations! Just hurry!”

I could barely hear Lilian at this point, but I did hear Luca begin to incant his spells. His voice always sounded so unnerving when he was casting powerful spells. It sounded inhuman, too many voices at once, far too fast, almost electronic and it made the air feel charged like right before lightning struck.


How could it have come to this? It was supposed to be simple. We get in, get the supplies and get out. It was supposed to be simple, and nothing would happen. We trusted her…


I trusted her… My sight was almost completely dark now but I was able to see the petals begin to float through the air. I weakly reached up and tried to grab one only to find it was hot. So hot. My abdomen began to heat up as well as more petals floated through the air, like on the breeze in a movie. It was beautiful.


It wouldn’t be that bad to die like this, would it? It was so beautiful. I could feel my body begin to rise. I heard Luca’s incantation falter for a second before it continued on, even more desperate, before suddenly his hands were no longer on me and I could no longer hear his voice. My confusion was interrupted by screaming. No one I knew, but it felt nice to hear them. I could feel the heat in the room rise, and I closed my eyes as the vines began to climb up the walls, glowing like lava.


The roses were blooming as I was dying. The screams grew with the heat and I felt someone slide their hand down my arm, burning heat erupting where their fingers touched, yet silky soft.


I felt time stop as the heat inside me became too much. I wanted to scream, but only one word made it from my lips.




I opened my eyes and all I saw was fire.


So exalted, like a dream. The flames licked at everything around me, writhing and curling at everything they could touch. My attackers were screaming, and trying to put out the flames that looked much like rose blooms, but their bodies made excellent fuel for the flames and my roses. They wouldn’t die yet, no, they hadn’t put on a show yet, my delightful jesters. My darling harlequins.


I felt so glorious as my knights marched out of the flames behind me. Their burning armors adorned with my roses. The marched forward on each of my attackers, their magnificent swords alight as they plunged into the screaming bodies. Over and over again, the screams grew louder.


My favorite knight kneeled before me, and took my hand, gently raising it to his lips, kissing it reverently.


“My princess.” He said, his voice like the crackling of a bonfire. His lips were hot, blisteringly for any normal human. Thankfully I was no longer human. His skin was a warm tan, his hair and beard glowing red and black while his eyes shone with burning light.


Normal was overrated after all.


I am a god, and I will never give up this divine beauty.


I danced with my knight as the screams of my jesters became our music.


Being a god was so sublime.


Thus introduces Adelaide, and a hint of her power as a Deus.

The world is centered around a teen girl who discovers she's a being known as a Deus, essentially a divine being in mortal skin. But being a god isn't all fun and games, and power can change even the most normal teenage girl, and not always for the better.

Any advice for improving would be appreciated. Also, if anyone notices any grammatical errors I didn't catch, I would super appreciative.

Also, if anyone wants any questions, I'll be glad to answer them. 😄

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