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Thoughts and Memories EP1- workers

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Hello all, welcome to the fifteenth best blog this corner of the lighter side of hell. This is a new blogging idea I had and figured I'd try out. I figured I'd try recounting memories and feelings from home, as long as people want to read about it, you know. I feel this blog series will be good for giving incite to my past and help people have some idea of what I'm talking about when I go off.

Anyway, I figured I'd start recounting about some of the studio workers, and how I feel towards them. A heads up, I can guaranty there will be more than a little negative feelings towards some of them, and there may be some swearing within. Now, I definitely will not be talking about EVERYONE who worked there, because the studio is a huge place, and there were probably hundreds of workers. And thus, lets dive right in. Doot doot. Keep in mind as well I'll only be able to write about who I remember, and as of now I hardly remember anyone as I'm still more or less processing all the memories and there's still a lot I don't know. Those I do remember have been sparked by seeing them brought up in the game itself, not to say I don't remember others that weren't, but all those are still a bit fuzzy and I don't have names to put to them yet, though I'll update this when I do, so please be patient, remembering is hard sometimes.. ^^"


Joey Drew - Hoooooooo boy do I have some SHIT to say. Joey was, of course, the studio owner and orchestrater of all the hell that happened. He never tolerated me after my creation, as I was imperfect and accidental, as opposed to the others who were not. He never approved of Bendy and I being together, even trying at one point to terminate me. He failed, of course. He was very abusive to a lot, if not all of the workers, including his boyfriend, Henry. He was cold, manipulative, and literally the worst. Not to mention the experiments that he later preformed. Those involved taking blood and organs and what not from the others and I and then implanting them into both the workers and guests, some of which were children, and thus turning them into the lost ones. (sad, mindless ink people) The experiments did evolve over time but honestly got more terrible. He did all this because he wanted to be immortal himself and was simply testing methods. This went on for months until the uprising took place. The last thing he ever did was kill my adoptive parents before he met his demise at the hand of someone he had once thought pathetic. I sincerly hope, for all he's put us through, that he's suffering the worst possible fate in hell, and that he never gets out and gets a new life. I'm honestly a bit worried he will, but I know thats a bit Silly. I doubt I'll have anything to worry about though. Fuck you Joey, you are truly one of the worst of your kind.

Henry (last name unknown)- This one is a little mixed. Henry was Joeys second hand, being in a relationship with him. He was never as mean as Joey, but was still a bit of a jerk. Of course, this was because of Joeys manipulation. Henry did take part in the experiments as well, though I doubt he wanted to. He really did love Joey, even if it truly was not returned. He wanted to prove himself, I'm sure. I remember him slaving over his drawing desk for hours without break. He'd let me watch sometimes, but he'd turn rude and run me off if Joey happened by. He was always somewhat fatherly towards Bendy, which probably made his end ultimately worse. He was a hard worker and you could tell he did love what he did. I also remember how he'd pal around with some of the other guys in the break room until, of course, Joey would almost immediately order him back to worker as to which he would happily oblige in order to please him. In the uprising, he finally saw everything wrong with what Joey had been doing, and that he had a part in it, that he had been played. I wasn't there to witness this, but I heard he had asked Bendy to kill him, because he couldn't forgive himself. In all honesty, I forgive him. I hope he's doing ok wherever he is.

Sammy Lawrence- Aka salty music man. I hate him. I didn't used to, but recent developments have led me too. Before that all happened, he was actually a nice guy, if a little weird. Well, A lot weird. But you know. He ran the music department with great vigor, though he was a little to much of a perfectionist when it came to the songs he composed. Yes, he wrote all the music scores for the songs in the cartoons, often being ordered to only do more of them and working late night. This made him sleep deprived quite often, so you'd sometimes find him asleep in weird places. He also briefly dated Susie for a while, though I'm not sure what caused the breakup. Anyway, after years went by and the experiments had started, he stumbled upon us and thus took pity on us. When this was found out, he became a test subject himself instead of overseeing us as he was told. This is what led to him looking as portrayed in the game itself. After the uprising, he had decided he owed us a life debt. And with his new form, he was semi immortal, meaning he wouldn't die from natural causes, so that would have been forever. Why do I hate him now, you ask? It's because he was just as much of liar as Joey. You see, he ended up banishing me for unknown reasons. That is the only reason I am here now, and it's his fault. After I reconnected with home, he got found out. This, of course, led to his demise. I still don't understand why he did this, he only said I had been in his way. Thus, I hate him now. He ruined everything for me, and the others as well. I hope he understands what he has done. Because he's done a number.

Allison and Thomas Connor- This will make me both happy and sad. These two, you see, were basically my adoptive parents. They're the ones who gave me my name, and helped me with general life after Joeys rejection of me. Allison was a voice actor, and Susies replacement. She was the sweetest motherly person you could find, though she was also super tough and took nothing from no one. She and I used to draw on the walls together, and she would bring me treats from the outside world. She too seemed to love her job. I remember her getting in arguments with Joey if he'd try to boss her around. She's often check in on the others and I. The only thing she seemed to love as much as her work and I was her husband, Thomas. He was your generic grumpy tough guy and worked as a maintenance worker, doing basic repairs around the place. He actually lost an arm to one of the machines, thus getting a robotic replacement. He taught me things about working on the pipes and stuff, and always called me kiddo. He was always somewhat grumpy and seemed to hate his job, but he also didn't seem to mind as long as his wife and... well... daughter.. were around. He was low key an asshole to everyone else though, and not many liked him. They together fought along side us during the uprising, until finally their lives were taken by the terrible man himself. I miss them. I wish they had gotten to say goodbye, too. They were never transformed like shown in the games, but were still just as heavy fighters. I wish I had gotten the chance to thank them for everything. Sorry mama. Sorry dad. I love you both, and I wish I could have shown it more. Thank you for fighting for us, thank you for caring. I hope you're resting easy. I love you.

Norman Polk- More positive, this one. Though a bit messed up, as to be expected. Norman was, well, our projection maintenance worker. He never said much, and was often treated very poorly. He never seemed to mind, but you could tell he wasn't happy. I don't know if it was due to the mistreatment or something else, but he wasn't. I used to watch him just wander around, doing his work, like a worker bee. Like what he had been doing was autonomous, and he wasn't really in there. We never really had much interaction until Joey had made him a subject of his experiments. This turned him into the projectionist, as seen in the game. Though, he isn't hostile. More dopey than anything. He's still alive and back home as of now. He's not suffering, and for once, he actually is happy. Its weird how things work out that way. I'm glad he's found his happiness, even if its unconventional. He's the best... weird... man pet... child... anyone could ask for. It all works out in the end.

Wally Franks- not much can be said about this one sadly. We didn't have to much interaction, but what I did know was he was an asshole so I took his keys. He got fired soon after that, so... um... oops?

Susie Campbell- This one, like with Henry, is rather mixed. But has a happy ending thats actually quite recent. She was to be the voice actor for Alice Angel before she was replaced. (now that I think about it... why didn't the other's voice themselves? hm.) She was the happiest with this job, really. Hell, she'd also stay late to do work for it. Though, this could have been to spend time with Sammy, as they were dating for a good while. However, they broke up do to unknown reasons. After this, she went somewhat downhill. She thus became a total bitch, and was rude to everyone. After, she soon lost her job, which made it worse. She, however, was kept around for... well, reasons. Day after day her self esteem dropped. When the whole experiment ordeal started, however, she actually volunteered to be a subject. She was given what she needed to become what she though of as perfect. But, when she saw her new hideous form, she took her own life. How is this a happy ending? It wasn't actually the ending. You see, she never actually moved on to the afterlife. This came to light when she imposed herself by talking into a friend of mines mind, and thus asking to communicate with me. This led to a long conversation, but ended in me helping her to move on to heaven. She's free now, and I helped. I'm sure she's finally happy. Rest easy girl. You deserve it.

Bertrum Piedmont-  Ah, this poor man. He and I never had to much interaction, but I do know enough to add him to this list. He was hired to create the carnival that now is within the lower levels of the studio. However, unlike within the game, it is complete and fully functional. He was always a nice guy and took great pride in his work. However, as with anyone else, he was constantly overworked by Joey, who also started taking credit for his work. This drove him mad, but be never showed it. He worked day after day, and the park? It truly is ineradicable, and fully functional by the way. It's sad he was never given credit for his job. I feel bad for him. I wish I could say what an amazing job he did, but he sadly passed from a heart attack before I could. I like to think he's why everything in the park is still running, keeping his pride and joy alive for those who appreciate it. Truly a good man, shame he got a bad job. He didn't deserve it. No one did.



Thats all I have for this set of thoughts and memories, thanks for reading. I will have more of these on the way, so if you want to read them, they'll be around! See you around folks.


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