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Thoughts and Memories EP2- Characters (aka us)


Hello everyone! Pearl here, writing a blog entry because I can! Now, I'm in a depressed mood so I figured I would write something more upbeat today, so yay! Here we are, in this blog post.

Today I'll be writing about both the other "toons" and myself (but probably not since yall know me), perhaps. This will not be as long as the last one because there's only the four of us to my knowledge, but as all those about to be mentioned are my friends, or a little more than friends, so there's a little more than a chance I could go on a bit.  There may also be brief mentions of the uprising, Henry, or Joey, but only due to relevence of certain details. And with out further adu, lets get right into it.


P1: The crew.

    Bendy- I am fully aware you're normally supposed to save the best for last but I really can't help myself. If any of you have been paying attention to anything I do ever, you're fully aware he and I are in a serious relationship. I cannot stress how much I love him and how much he means to me. But in truth, this isn't what this entry is for, but I do wish it was.       As of today, he serves as our joint leader, mentally seeming to be the oldest of us. That doesn't but him above pranks and mischief, however. He's certainly a trouble maker. (But I can't help but forgive him...). He's often quick to display anger or annoyance towards others, especially those he doesn't know, having a bit of a short temper. The exeptions to this are, well, me, and the children and guests back when the studio was open to the public. That being said, he has a few levels of anger, two of which involve him transforming compleatly, each form bigger and more destructive than the last. He's only ever done that back in the uprrising, however. It was probably the most badass thing I've ever seen, if I'm allowed to say~.   Bendy is also known to be a bit of a sarcastic ass. He means well, of course, but he definitly is. I find his jokes funny, of course, no matter how dark. And they do get dark. But despite all this, he's actually one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet, though he doesn't let everyone see that side of him. Weather he's comforting me from my frequent nightmares or simply helping with soup-opening, he really does go out of his way to take care of me, of which I am forever greatful. When I finally managed to reconnect with him, after all this time, he actually started crying. As of this day, I don't remember seeing him cry until then. I guess he misses me as much as I miss him, and I know now we can never truly be seperated, not forever. Long story short, he's the best thing that ever happened to me (even saved me from termination). But I feel like I'm going on to much. Short again, he's the leader (king if you will), protector, the asshole sherrif, and my lover. Not relevent but he's also... really freaking tall. Like, 6' 3". I only come up to his chest, I have no idea why. 


Boris- Ah, yes. The fluffy boy. Boris is an anthro wolf and appears to have the youngest mind out of us all. As opposed to his appearence in the game, he actually looks more wolf like, with pointy ears, paws, a big fluffy tail, you get it. He doesn't talk. He can, he just doesn't. No one ever minded it though, he's still very kind. Though he has trouble due to being to trusting sometimes, something that stopped after the experiments. Nowadays, he's become quite skiddish and only trusts us. He startles easy and doesn't like going places alone. Despite this, he's as gentle as ever, and still enjoys doing things that he used to, be it playing with toys, cooking (he's amazing at it by the way), playing his banjo and clarinet, and just giving hugs. If you're ever sad and you need a hug, he's who you'd go to back then. Also a great listener, if you needed to talk he'd sit there and listen, pay attention, and nod. He seemed to just want to help and cheer up others and be friends. Deep down, he still does, despite the betrayed trust. I know such things are hard to get over. Poor wolfie. If you get to know him, you won't regret it. I would reccomend him for friendship. There's not as much to say here due to him being so quiet, so theres not much to gauge as of what he'd talk about. I have a feeling it all would be very sweet and encouraging, knowing him. 


Alice- aka my angel sister. I feel rather guilty because in this world I have to pretend to be hostile towards her in order to avoid suspicion. Alice is basically your typical girl, if that makes sense. Sassy, does her hair and make up, dresses fancy, you get it. She's not uptight to say, but she's definetly less rowdy and doesn't like to get dirty. She will if she has to but she will definitly complain. She acts like my sister in all honesty, but I don't mind. I do sometimes mind when she'd randomly decide to do my hair and whatnot. I remember when she put me in a dress, and then sent me back downstairs. It had turned out she had set up a dance for Bendy and I. It was sweet but I was very confused. She's always been prone to give out life tips, and seems keen on doing her best to tip everyone off as such. Always a people pleaser, she often will do what is asked, though she does indeed have a limit. I'd highly advise not to push her too far, because of boy will you regret it. Often she'll try to be the voice of reason and calm any shenanigens, though that's difficult to calm. Alice also enjoys performing on stage, and just eats up any praise given. I love seeing her eyes light up when it's given, and it's as if her life goals were reached then and there each time. If you want advice or just good hair, you'll enjoy her company quite a bit.



Well, so far thats a basic rundown on the others, though its not much as of now. Later I will do an entry on our basic biology and such for those who are interested. I do, in fact, feel better now after writing this! I'll have to remeber this for when I'm sad next. Thank you all for reading, and I'll see ya next time. Pearl, out.




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Definitely a good sort of series on your blog. It really helps illuminate your general feelings, recollections, and information of you, and your original home.


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22 minutes ago, KnightFenrirWulfhart said:

Definitely a good sort of series on your blog. It really helps illuminate your general feelings, recollections, and information of you, and your original home.


Ah, thank you! 

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