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Kin/Theriotype outfit ideas!


Hello everyone!Β (*・ω・)οΎ‰ We all connect with our kintypes in different ways.Β One of the most common ways is to spice up your wardrobe. After all, what better way to connect with a part of yourself then by making yourself look a little more like them, or keeping a piece of them close to you wherever you go? However, some people are more fashionably gifted then others. You may not know where to start or what to get, or maybe you already have plenty of cute outfits but are simply looking for some new inspiration. In any case, today's your lucky day, because we will be looking at some outfit ideas that I've put together for various kintypes! Now of course, because there are just so many different kintypes this post will not be able to cover all of them, but if you don't see your kintype here and really wish it was included, you can let me know and I'll add an outfit for it! I plan to make more of these in the future so consider this post a work in progress that will be updated later. ^-^




alien.thumb.PNG.097b6ce6718c09d65609a4d1aed2ff04.PNGbat.thumb.PNG.216dac64be3d9796a7e1fc62e685e58e.PNGbear.PNG.98ae3584cef1a9580985f3a22acc0115.PNGbird.thumb.PNG.a02d8469043064786f09e8c2c7827b1b.PNGkitty.thumb.PNG.5117e3f90ff976d2921a9537e5b63d94.PNGkittyt.thumb.PNG.53b71545b6025e46d74515325166a866.PNGΒ Β hyena.PNG.2d750e9649feacf9502ea01ba7e247e0.PNGdolphin.thumb.PNG.7bc1aa2f36010ea3296a2cbc60632b12.PNGCapture.PNG.4d6da2146f93a1120eac92c7eec4d4bf.PNGelf.PNG.7f6fe18abaf9a1da39d5c35c9ddf5ba0.PNGfairy.thumb.PNG.da6dc1eaff802453ed7a2d34d5cc5cf6.PNG373753814_wolfboi.thumb.PNG.6f8d71d88eac4980664fe7c653ff76d0.PNGgolden.PNG.74580812ac56a0275a98d4fe3a3de39c.PNG



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