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Sa Heru

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After a day of energy overload, (what fun! not) I had a long conversation with Ib (AKA the aspect of Horus who has been pestering me all my life) by way of divination. He was rather adamant and repetitive in his assertion that I'm his kid, in a more literal sense than how the KO views it. (How are they viewing it these days? I think it may have changed somewhat since I was there.) (When an Emperor and and Empress love each other very much, and there's this family inheritance...the cards really couldn't have spelled that out any clearer) So, yes, I've got the pattern, and no I don't have the memories because I wasn't the one who was there. Memory is a tricky thing. I wasn't sure if I was repressing it or if I just didn't have it. Though the even trickier thing is that it's not that simple. There is some bleedover through the empathic link. What's mine and what's not is more complicated that you'd think. I'm not Horus, though my sig is probably still accurate. I am a Heru, just not that one. 

So, what does it mean to have your spiritual father living with you as part of your own being? Bringing himself back to life through his own kid? How very Egyptian of him. Ka mutef. And it's not like I could leave him there lying on his side. Savior of His Father? All these patterns give me a headache. 

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I am sorry you did not have the best day friend... I hope you feel better soon!

I can feel only slightly in a way that what you are experiencing relates with my relationship with the Infinite Lord, except my experiences with him include remembering my true draconian heart more than a human existence, as he does not like humans... I hope you are able to figure out things soon. I would say do your best to make peace with both him and yourself, being sure to take some time for yourself to find some peace of mind in a moment. I wish you well on figuring everything out friend. I hope you are having a good night however... ^.=.^

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Thanks @LunastreDraconis ! 

I figure things out all the time, and then there's more behind it. A lot of times the real challenge is in taking spiritual concepts and forcing them into the little boxes that English words provide. I'm never going to be able to explain it correctly. 

Ib and I are working it out. We don't really have a choice there, but with mutual love and respect, and also sharing the same core energy, I think we'll be ok. 

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