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A Twisting of True Nature and Heart... πŸ’™πŸ–€πŸ’™


My mood has been twisting in many ways lately, however I have finally achieved another astral shift, and I am feeling much better and more energized. However each passing day, I am learning more about how to improve myself by the Infinite Lord’s laws, and how to remember my true draconian heart better. My instinct is greater today, and after a few much needed discoveries, my trueΒ ideals are becoming more important to my daily life....

I have the energy, resources, and (will)power to help others and improve the world anywhere I make my presence known. As I begin to mature in an astral draconian way,Β I will probably become less tolerant of those that disrupt the balance of the world. Basically, bullies, criminals, and manipulative people, who I have never truly liked in the first place. I will make sure they learn not to hurt others, and take advantage of other people and systems. I have been affected by bullying too long to let it stand by and hurt others that I love dear, and even complete strangers. That being said however, basically my protective instinct is getting stronger, and I wish to help others anyway I can, though of course I still need to help myself....

No one is ever truly alone, and although I have to understand that myself in hard moments, I truly want others to feel safe around me, to know that I want to be able to help in a hard time. It is hard to know in a bad moment your true strength, and I know this feeling all too well, as I have felt it all this human life, however learning to feel the good in yourself, rather the rest inner critical voice, will do you much good. Know I just need to get that through this human skull.Β XD

I am learning to take more time for myself, and being able to calm myself when bad thoughts and feelings from the human condition arises, however that gets increasingly harder when a routine is so repetitive. I hope to get out more and be able to do things, like go to the botanical gardens again, and just getting some more fresh air, to be able to connect with the world around me, and myself, just takes time really, and I need to understand that more than anything, though I have the willpower to make myself feel better in a hard time. I just have to find that moment of clarity and use it...

The point of all this, the more I remember that I am Lady Lunastre, Celestial Queen of The Draconians, the more I feel a calling to help others and do things that can benefit both myself and those around me. I just need to keep being on track, and not lose myself in a moment ^.=.^

To any who I reading this I hope you have a wonderful day/night and are at peace ^.=.^


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