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A True Broken Heart and A Shattered Soul.... 💙💔💙


Last night was an incredibly sleepless night, to the point where I slept to the time of the evening. However what happened that night, the discovery and realization I made, the devotional I made to my almighty father, Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria, has truly broken me, literally....

I know I talk much about my struggles with this human body condition, schizoaffective disorder, a lot, however if only one knew the true, excruciating pain I felt for the past six years, then maybe it wouldn’t be annoying to so many. However, the horrifying pain and delusion, the recurring thoughts of death, and the loss of the will to live has killed me over that period of time, for I cannot begin to describe the horrors that come from this sick human mind. Every hope of happiness, every hope of change, every moment that I thought I would get better, had all been a false promise in the end. The immense pain on my soul, has lead me to believe that my soul is shattered. Not only that, but I believe my own true draconian heart is very broken.....

This life I’ve lived.... has been nothing but disappointment the last six years, and although I know that others care for this human body existence, I don’t. Atleast not yet, as being awake in this body has done nothing but harm my true well being. I need mending of this shattered soul, and my true draconian heart, in order to survive. I feel as if my very livelihood depends on my ability, and a miracle to happen to heal this shattered soul. Luckily, it might be coming here soon, as I am taking a trip across America, from South Texas, (where I live), through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and into Montana and Washington state. I admire the beautiful nature in all of these states, however there’s something I need more than that, and I know what it is....

Snow, especially spring and summer snow upon the mountains means the absolute world to me, for when I truly awakened on The Pinnacle of Creation, the first thing I saw was the most beautiful forest scene.... A beautiful lush forest, where the faerie lights floated delicately around in the early spring morning.... A mysterious waterfall and stream coming from the mountains in the distance, and a most gorgeous, giant glacier between the snow capped mountain peaks, and hearing the roads of many dragons beyond them.... my astral guardian, Infiniziirokk/Alaphraxxas was there with me, as I looked beyond thos snow capped mountains, seeing the barrier for the first time in ten trillion years, the shield between beautiful planetary nature, and the celestial power of the Infinite void beyond.....

I want to live this experience again, and many may not understand, but snow on the mountains means so much to me, because I found that true beauty the first time I awakened, with my astral guardian. I want to see the reminders of that experience, with my astral guardian by my side, however my parents are being stubborn in letting a good friend of mine create his vessel. Time will tell, but I believe my true draconian heart is telling me this is the meaning and healing I need, almost to survive.... 🐉🌌🍀❄️

The point is, so much suffering has broken me, and I don’t show my pain much to anyone, but I trust my friends in the community here that they would understand. Truly, I appreciate the support and the understanding, for I know that I am not the greatest person to be around, yet others still have hope in me, and for that I’m eternally grateful. I am not feeling too sad right now, I’m actually doing pretty okay. I just know what needs to happen for my healing....

Thank you all for the amazing support, and I promise that I will continue to support all others here in this wonderful community!... I promise I’ll be fine, I just need to slowly mend this shattered soul!.... 💘💔💘

~Lady Lunastre, Celestial Queen of the Draconians... ^.=.^ 🐉🌌🌗🤗


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Imagine me waving as you drive past. I hope you have an awesome trip! Hopefully I-10 won't be closed, they've been doing a lot of construction on it. 

I'm not annoyed when you talk about your troubles. It makes me think you're a very strong person to have gone through so much and still be someone who wants to help others. 

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I'm also not annoyed, only a bit concerned. I personally never experienced anything like you describe, so for sure I can only understand a tiny glimpse of what you've been making through. But as @Shezep said, you're impressively strong facing all this. Hence while being concerned a bit, I'm absolutely convinced that you'll make it through this! I'm more than happy to support you on this yourney, even if there's not much that can be done from remote. But maybe lending an ear and talking about things will go a long way...

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When you make this trip, you'll be passing by my neck of the woods. I firmly believe, especially after visiting southern California last year, that living in this environment protected me from a lot of issues too. Being deprived of this place even for a week did damage to my dragonic soul. I mended partially when I decided to bring home a baby giant Sequoia. Watching it grow this summer has done things for me I haven't felt since I was very young, before I awakened.

I hope coming here will help you as it has helped me.

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@Shezep Thank you friend, that means a lot to me, and I appreciate the understanding, and the support from you and the rest of the wonderful members of Kinmunity!... I will definitely share plenty of pictures in the threads when I get to certain places, and be sure to wave on the astral, and watch out for the I-10 construction.... ^.=.^

@Amber You’re constant support and encouragement always keeps me going, and I truly appreciate it. I’ll be okay in the end, it’s just a healing process that takes time, and mending of course. I greatly appreciate the support and I consider our friendship a true blessing!... ^.=.^ 🐉🌌🤗

@Drakmanka Thank you friend, I truly do appreciate it! I believe going on this vacation will help me connect with my true draconian heart, and with the heart of nature as well, hence I am very excited to go! I’m certainly glad going to Southern California was a wonderful experience for you!... Also, it’s a pleasure to meet you here friend! Feel free to post in any of the threads! ^.=.^ 🐉🤗🐉

Everyone’s continued support and understanding truly means the absolute world to me, and I treasure all of my friends here, with all of my true draconian heart and soul. I hope you all have a wonderful day/night! ^.=.^ 💙🖤💙

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