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"(Maybe) Fictionkin"


I figured I'd share this since I came clean about it in the more private areas. I feel that I am Grif from RvB. Seriously. Genuinely. I started watching back in August, I think and I got what the kids call "kinfeels". Familiarity and some other stuff. At some point between then and now, I got distracted and quit watching the show. Stopped thinking about it. The feelings persisted.

There's something about that character that I look at him, at me, and feel that I am seeing myself as though looking and recognizing myself in the mirror. Same damned feel I get towards my theriotype (minus the more "oh. look, others"/"my kind" feels because I am one specific individual in this context). Regardless, I don't feel like my criteria for claiming as a fictotype has been met yet. I have to be extremely thorough with myself. It really does feel like I found a missing puzzle piece. It feels so much different than simply relating to a character.

God, I'm already falling into the "I am this character" trap even though I said I need to be thorough and have my criteria met. Everything matches up and it feels right to say I am Grif as well as a coyote, though. Screw it. I am a coyote and I am Grif (and my armor is orange, not yellow thanks).

That is all.


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