Effervescent's Experiences Episode 5: The River Rescue (And other unfortunate events) - 𝓣𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓰𝓱𝓽𝓼 𝓸𝓯 π“ͺ 𝓴𝓲𝓽𝓽𝔂 - Kinmunity Jump to content

Effervescent's Experiences Episode 5: The River Rescue (And other unfortunate events)


Wow. This day took a weird turn.


As I may have mentioned once or twice around here before, we own a boat. It's nothing big and fancy, it's pretty small, but it's fun. We went to a nearby creek today with the boat and even tried to catch some fish (I'm not exactly very good at fishing but Dad wasn't giving me much of a choice about it.) It was hot and humid, but it was also a bit foggy as a result which made things quite pretty.Β  Things would end up being fine, surely.Β 


... Or so I thought.Β 


Let me just start from the beginning. WeΒ get there, throw the boat in the creek and work on getting it set up when my dad noticed something was a bit off. See, there's a hole in the back that you can open when it rains so all the water drains out, and a plug you put in said holeΒ when you actually want toΒ useΒ so water doesn't come into it.Β And... he forgot to plug the hole. The boat was full of water.Β We haven't even left the shore yet and things have already gone wrong. But thankfully he brought something we could use to easily drain the water out so we ended up being fine. Just one little hurdle, we'll be fine, the day's still good, right? The whole thing still could be worse for us. ...But for others, it was worse. And now I've been quite worried.Β 


We finally get out there, start fishing, and aren't having any luck. That's to be expected whenever I try to fish, so I'm not too surprised.Β But here's where things start to get a bitΒ weird. Two people come floating down the river. Yep, floating. Just on little floaty raft things. The twoΒ mentioned something about a friend of theirs that had come along with them, but said that his raft popped and he had gotten stranded a little ways up the creek. They were planning to make their way down to the dock and come back for him on foot. After that they just floated along their way. ... This was foreshadowing.

A little while later a large group of people withΒ canoes come paddling down the creek with one of them having a second person sitting on the front of the canoe. Naturally I found this a little odd, as this isn't exactly normal among any canoe-paddling people that I had ever seen before. Turns out that third guy that the other two rafters had mentionedΒ slipped on some rocks while he was stranded and hurt his knee, and canoe guy ended up picking him up. He was having issues with there being someone elseΒ on his boat (again, tiny canoe and all), so we ended up taking him and getting him back to the dock with his friends. There wasn't really anything else that we could do for him from there.Β I've been thinking about him ever since then, I do hope he's alright now...

We ended up staying out for a little bit longer after that, which honestly ended up being a mistake. It was only a few minutes before the storm hit. Things started getting really windy and the waves picked up and rocked us around a lot. It was a little scary honestly.Β By the time we got back to shore again it was pouring. My hat also blew off of my head and landed in the river at one point but thankfully I managed to save it.

So... Yeah. This was a day.Β Despite how badly everything went though I'm still sort of glad we went anyway, even if it was just so we could help that guy out. I guess God wanted me there for a reason?Β I do hope he's alright though.Β And I suppose there were a few other good things that happened, like the ice cream we got afterwards and some really cool wildlife I saw while I was out.Β 


But nonetheless, I'm quite drained now and glad to be home.Β 

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Hm. Sounds like an eventful, but perfectly nice and interesting day to me. I don't tend to look at the things that went wrong, you know? Positive thinking attitude...

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