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Coyote Feels & Danger


So, some of you may have seen what I said in the Daily Groan/Vent thread about recent happenings. I think I need to reconsider being a contherian and maybe look into vacillant again. Similar in a sense but different. Damn. What does it even matter?

++ (my cat did that because she was thrashing her tail hard enough on the numeric keypad)

This all said, I notice that the threat in the present brings out a bunch of coyote feelings. +-+ (she did it again, oof) Ever vigilant. Warning vocalizations, barking howls, feel imminent at the sounds of a car going by or the sight or sound of a person walking. Describing the exact way this feels is difficult. Such feelings are pure instinct and no words. This isn't going to be a full blog. Sorry. I'm just not doing well with writing. I explained the best I can and I'm defensive and feeling everything in real time making things really difficult.


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