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A Retelling of my Awakening


This is a re-telling of my awakening, a story I've already told here. You may read that introduction post version if you wish, but this is intended to be the more superior version of the story with more details. 

My awakening was very slow. It started in 2016 when I was drawing, and asked my mom what to draw. She told me "you but a dragon!" I didn't realize it at the time, but the dragon I drew sorta was me at one point. It wasn't totally accurate by any means, as the scales were off color and I was depicted with jewelry I lacked. But the core basics - my “freckles”, feathered wings, and mane were all there. As the years went on I discovered the other-kin community, and after a time it just... clicked Being other, it felt right somehow. Even before my awakening, long before then, I had an affinity for dragons. I played “The Legend of Spyro” al lot, grew up on “Dragon Tales”, and carried around one of those “Dragonology” books all of the time. I loved “Eragon” so much (I read book 1 in 5th grade but didn't get to finish the series till this past school year lol) and I especially loved Saphira. I could go on and on about the dragon-related media I consumed, and don’t even get me started on how much I drew and wrote about my species. 

Let’s just say there was a reason I was lovingly (and sometimes not so lovingly) dubbed “Dragon Kid” in elementary. I suppose you could figure that even then I knew, but I feel like that was all a more subconscious thing? I won’t go into detail today, but in my past life I had belonged to a clan. I have a feeling reaching out to all this media was one of the ways I tried to recreate this clan I no longer truly had, but that’s just guess work. I’m also fairly convinced that same buried part always knew something was off, but I chose to ignore it until I realized… I wasn't alone in this. 

I consider the exact year I awakened to be early last year, however, as it’s when I took it seriously. Before then, I was still kinda wishy-washy, even with knowing that there were others out there. While a part of me wishes I dove into the deep end right away, another part is also kinda glad I didn't in this case. I discovered the other-kin community through Tumblr, and I have so much to unlearn and re-evaluate. I can’t imagine how much more I’d have to shift though had I hopped into the Tumblr-kin community sooner, and I’m already having my morals and political views tied up and flipped around as of late (also do to shaking off the last bits of Tumblr’s grasp on me, heh) and that is plenty enough for me.  

As time went on I realized more details about my past self. Minor details shifted around about how I looked, and I remembered a little bit more of my past life. I’m sad to say most of what I know currently is revolved around appearance, location, and a rough idea of daily life, but nothing yet about me as a person or my clan. Hopefully someday I can, and I’ll be happy to share when that day comes. 

Lives Past
Remembered and held fast
By a longing worn



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That's a wonderful story. I really feel you on the tumblr part as my exposure to the otherkin community was also initially through tumblr. I'm assuming that the drawing in your profile picture is you but do you have any other drawings of your dragon self? I'd love to see them!

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@Ambrose thank you so much! Yes, my icon is of my dragon self! Here is a full body version of my icon, and here is another head-shot icon! My friend also drew this picture of me  (it'll be the 2nd image in the post) ^^ that's all I have for now, but I'll probably be posting more in the future as I draw more! 

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Oh awesome @TundraDragon! I love the features. Looks like a very gentle and inquisitive creature from the expressions too--very curious about the world. Is that true?

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