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A Peice of Ginger Episode 3: Plurality Part 3


Hey guys, sorry for such a long haitus, my mom put parental locks which prevented me from getting on. Im on computer rn tho soo...

Last time we left off with... ah, right! So, I talked to Drac about Plurality and she said she's heard of it before. Im not sure if thats cause I read about it and she saw or what, but hey. Its been a nightly topic for our cafe talks. And she introduced me to her friend! I forgot her name but she looks like shes from monster high too. Ive never really seen them out the school, weird. But hey, Drac's friends are my friends sooo.

In other news, I did rearrange my headspace. I took a tip from @Fjordess and me and Drac moved a couple things around. The cafe is still there, but the school is closer and it has a huge garden, which is more jungle like for me. Theres also a swimming pool? I didn't notice Drac added that till we were done. Oh well you know you liked it! Plus, now we can have pool parties! Oh be quiet! This isnt even your blog Drac, you refuse to write in yours! Whaaat, no I don't. You just haven't been on her for me to write! I asked you as soon as I logged on did you want to, and you said no. Now be quiet, this is not your blog!

~Sigh~ Drac is a nuisance sometimes. No i'm not Yes you are. Anywho, imma end off here cause she wants to go read something we were talking about a couple nights ago. Thanks for reading everyone! Stay batty! Shut up, Drac!!!



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