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Update! <3

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Helllllllllllllloooooooo folks! Pearl here throwing an update at you all! I have a lot to talk about today, so brace thyselves. *guitar strum*


So, first and foremost, my parents are still on thin ice. My dad has been more or less kicked out, and no longer sleeps here. He visits during the day, of course. It's hard to hear the conversations my parents have through the thin walls, my dad begging for things to go back to normal. But that's not what mom needs, She needs her space, which is normal. But of course, my dad doesn't understand. You know what it's like seeing a grown man cry? (..Not since Henry..) So, it's been stressful. I'm doing my best, though. I have to stay strong, for my brother. He's only nine. His birthday is next week, too. So, yea. Im holding in there, but the stress is draining. Some of you may know that I feed off others emotions. It of course, doesn't help that my hormones on a massive spike right now. Ugh, this is the epitome of suckiness my dudes.

Time to get less sucky! Those of you that follow my page may have already seen my status update a few days ago. So, Bendy and I have finally managed to connect via telepathy. (Hello). I wouldn't call us a system, as we by no means share this body, even though he can "front". This is most likely a form of possession, due to him being, well, a demon. We've both been very happy with the outcome, despite keeping the link up does drain me a little. (We can always drop it, angel.) This is perhaps our greatest comfort regarding how far apart we've been, and the struggles of life. In a way, we have each other again, even if it's not physical. ❤️ (<3) He may even be interested in talking to some of you as well. I cannot describe how reliving it is to be in contact again.

Third on the list, I've finally made peace with Joey. That is to say, I've forgiven him. I don't like him still, but liking and forgiveness are two very different things. It's very freeing to let go of the anger and bitterness that was really doing nothing but holding me back. Facing him again was terrifying to say the least, but it was time we both realized that holding on to all that wasn't doing anything for either of us. I don't know where he's gone now, what afterlife waits for someone like him. But in all honesty, I hope after he's endured whatever he's earned, he gets a new life. A chance to reinvent, so to say. Isn't that why we get life? Who's to say. Not me.


Thats sadly all I have to cover. I mean, I did think it'd be longer but I guess I tend to not type long things. Thanks for reading, as always. Feel free to comment below about this entry, previous entries, ect! I always love to hear your feedback and stuff. See you next time guys! Pearl's out!

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