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The messenger


So my feelings are explained in the description of this on DA, but not nearly enough..though for a lore perspective on zhuards more of that is explained there, (not what I'm writing here):


To the extent which I will delve a little deeper here. I have no control over what individual steps forward and begins to tell me his or her story. And not in a narrative sense, it is more like persistent visions-hours or for several days, even during a dream state to which I find dreams almost a gateway, but it does not always happen then.. I, being Allen, believe that I am seeing through their eyes as well as hers. She might have received these visions as well through certain means (she's not psychic or anything, more along the lines or let's say...reading and interpreting someone's journals or maybe something more "supernatural" outside of her control). Everything I see is her insight, which lives on in my current body. I will be returned as Allen and a zhuard once more but that's a different topic. For this reason I do not write character biographies beforehand, I can be proven wrong on everything with one of these visions. This is why I also do not, and quite frankly can't, 'make' a story about very important individuals. Lesser known ones, sure. But those close to Allen or encountered by her a few times, I cannot. I was discussing this with a friend who had asked a few questions regarding this, so I cleared the air.

In this drawing this un-named zhuard came to me with some urgency. I felt his fear, and that's all he left me with in the moment. There are things I've written about this moment that I know but left out. That said, it's not of dire importance, just details. I knew this event had happened but I was very unaware of how it unfolded and why. I felt like something about this connects to me being kin, how the human-zhuards was very in line with shifting and other things that are often talked about, but again, I cannot pinpoint it. Allen was born during the Rebirth arc/era, not the Hierarchy era when this all happened. Maybe there is no direct connection. I'm not overly concerned with that part. 


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