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Good old speculation

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Nothing like making theories regarding your own self and your old world, even if some of your theories don't have that much logic behind them and so on and so forth because Im just having funnnnnn. I may have touched on some of these in the forums, so you may already know a little here and there. Some are more developed, some less. And the best part is slowly having the truth reveled to me and I am finally enlightened to my own theories.


So, first off, we have the speculation that Henry is actually my original creator, as opposed to being made in an overflow of magic during the life creation. This idea originally came to light when a close friend and I where going through the official book released by the game creators. The book itself is a game guide, and yet has little story bits and lore chucks. you know. And as thus, there was an excerpt that Joey had written about the workings of the ink machine (the main source of the spell). Now, apparently, the machine was designed to not fail. Now, thats impossible within this world, but in my world, there was such things as that, and now I do remember seeing a note of the sorts. In that case, I couldn't be a mistake. From there, we went. (list because its important)

  • Within the game itself, there's a secret audio log from Henry, talking about how he has an idea for a new character everyone would love. In the game, this could very easily be Bendy. But, the thing is, Joey was his designer, not Henry.
  • The thing about Joey is he loves to take other people's work. I know for a fact he took some of the original concepts from the others from Henry, and turned them into what we have to day.
  • Now, as for my relationship with Henry, he was actually very nice to me when Joey wasn't around. And I could always sense pride in him when he looked at me. He'd let me watch him draw, and he-d even draw me sometimes and give me the drawings. But he did it expertly. As if he had done so for a long time.
  • The reason I don't have a name would be because he never got that far in my development due to having to hide it. Im a hybrid of the other threes species because of they're stolen concepts. He's the reason I love drawing, and that may actually be how he reflected himself within my design
  • The last thing he ever said to me was "sorry I couldn't have done better for you".

As you can see, there is a few good points made towards the theory. I can't be sure until I find a way to contact Henry. I think there will be some truth to this, as it would seem he knew much more about me than he lets on.


Next, we have the theory that our studio exists within its own pocket dimension. This stems from the fact that our home has stood for thousands of years. It is made of wood, and thus you would think it would rot away, but it has not. I mean, yea, we sometimes fall through the floors but it's always been that way. Poor construction, really. Whats more, after Joey was killed, not one came along anymore. It would seem that he is what would have connected the two worlds. And after the fact, the door no longer opens, and no noises come from outside. I assume our little world may just be floating in the void..? Not sure. This would make sense as to the sudden worldly cutoff, but not how the whole thing would have worked when Joey was still alive. This one may never be answered, as well, we cannot leave and I sure as hell am not asking Joey.


Finally, we have the theory that I am actually the strongest of the creations, but it was never discovered due to me not having a proper grip on my powers. This is due to me being a hybrid of the other three. This would, theorettically. give me both light and dark magic along with the ink manipulation we all have, and heightened senses from Boris's side. This theory jas very little development, due too never having a proper hold. However, I was always training. So perhaps one day, we'll have it.


Thank you all fpr reading my junk, see you all next time. ❤️

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