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Reiki seminar report part I


This is a personal report from a two-days reiki seminar I attended. Note that I'm just posting my very individual experience and opinion as it came across. The following was written as a first feedback directly after day one of the seminar.

WARNING: After one day of consideration I recommend everybody to be very cautious about Reiki teachings. I don't mean one should be wary of Reiki itself, but the way this seminar was done includes aspects of a religion, and to my feeling mild techniques were applied to try and make participants spiritually depending on the paid advice of the reiki teacher. Details are given at the end of part II, but I'll leave the original report here for reasons of transparency and documentation. Parts of my concerns are already mentioned here.

So, the first seminar day is done; I have kinda mixed feelings with a tendency to positive. I told my nature empath story, but excluding the dragonkin part. I also explained the multiverse of minds (abridged version) which was called a "quite a good explanation". I mentioned my attitude of seeing my human body as a mere vessel which became a bit of a running gag, haha. The reiki master called my experiences "shamanism" (which doesn't fit my understanding of the term but anyways) and indicated that my experiences so far were already part of what would typically come later. We then did basics of chakras and auras, but these things could be learned as well from internet sources. I still don't get why the chakra part is stressed so much, though; yes, of course, your mind and body need to be balanced, but imo there's not so much fuzz to make about it. The theories behind the energy involved don't seem so well thought through; the reiki master suggested to rather accept things instead of trying to rationally explain everything and called the rational part something "only we humans do". This doesn't sit at all well with me because I think that also dragons and probably other animals are basically capable of rational thought processes; I'm even a bit offended by attributing rational thinking to humans only because in my ears it sounds like "if you're not human you can't think rationally"... which does somehow invalidate my existence since I tend to think that a dragon's brain is perfectly able to rationally think. I'd personally agree that humans typically overdo the rational thinking a bit, though (which is a mistake I'm doing quite a lot, too).

Hence, I gave clear signs that I don't feel well with drawing a sharp line between humans and animals. My subtle hint that I feel "actually more animal than human" seemed to have caused confusion, but I left it at that. All in all, talks were pretty much centered about humans although teached concepts were not unique to humans (which I repeatedly asked). This very pronounced human-centric thinking doesn't sit too well with me - I just rather prefer a species-independent view. The concept of reincarnation and having had previous lives was mentioned, but the concept of a non-human soul wasn't and I didn't bring up the topic. There was also no shortage of using words that imo. needed clearer definition (e.g. Soul, Self, Energy, etc) which gave the seminar a rather fuzzy and casual, sometimes trivial character rather than teaching a sound concept. I found that the reiki master also believes in existence of ghosts (spirits present without physical body) which is ok for me, and a "soulplan" which reflects what is usually called "fate". At the latter point the reiki master seems to believe that this fate is something rather fixed and predetermined, which is a belief I don't share too much. I surely believe that things we experience in life happen for a reason, but also think that we have every possibility to actively influence our fate if we choose so.

What didn't bear well with me at all was that the reiki master seems to have a very conservative idea of binary gender; according to her, I was clearly male and she said that during the initiation, she would add a "female component" to that. Also in the chakra theory there are "male" and "female" energies. Since I'm agender, that doesn't seem to make much sense and I can't really wrap my mind about it. I tried to indicate that I'm agender but didn't stress the topic because I clearly felt that it wouldn't have been too useful at that point.

The initiation itself felt like a typical meditation session, except there was some light music played and an incense stick was burned (which was the case for most of the day). I played around with my energies and, since I wasn't forbidden to do so and nothing stopped me either, visualized myself as dragon as usual. As usual I felt my energy quite strong, but the reiki master's energy (if at all present) was far less than what I'm used to feeling from natural force's energies, nothing at all overwhelming. I even tried to transmit my draconian name to the reiki master, but she didn't actually indicate to have felt anything too special. When I asked what she felt she didn't tell my anything she couldn't have known from the talks before. Probably she concentrated more on the physical body than the spiritual self which I was busy with. However, I think that she might have noticed at least something because she felt quite exhausted and contemplative when we left. I myself felt quite refreshed after the initiation.

I noticed that I'm trying to give subtle hints at my identity throughout the seminar, but currently I see no reason in revealing it. I think it would create more questions and misunderstanding rather than being helpful. What I can say at the moment is that the initiation doesn't seem to have changed much in me; I'm still the same dragon, and the energies I felt during it were far, far less intense than those I usually feel from nature or in a fusion shift. Also, there was no such shift induced. Only now I'm a bit tired, but that's not a big surprise.

Part II of this report is here.

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