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Thoughts and Memories EP5: Regarding Henry

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Hello ladies and... ladies. Maybe Gents. Maybe not gents. Everyone here, reading, regardless of identity. Hello. Welcome back.

         It's been a while since I've talked about Henry in my blog. I think the last time was in episode one of this series, and thats a long time. Since then, there have been more developments regarding him, and me for that matter. This has lead to my feelings toward him being slightly more complex then before, and has given me more to think about and consider in the aspect of my own existence and purpose. That being said, this entry may not be very direct, and may have me questioning things within. Feel free to comment your thoughts and questions, and also vote on my content poll. With all that being said, sit back, get comfortable, and listen to my screeching.


For those of you who aren't aware, it was recently discovered (though over an hour of logical speculation and questioning with a close friend) that Henry was actually my initial creator. This came as quite a surprise to me, though, through careful scanning of memories and examining him closer, the signs were there, despite being obscured by how he behaved around Joey. (you can read more on this in my speculation entry)

These were simple things, of course, such as letting me watch him draw, helping me if I got stuck in the stairs, always seeming somehow proud when he looked at me, and so on. On top of this, he gave me his sketchbook and told me he was sorry he couldn't have done better for me before he died.

So, what does this mean for me? I'm not sure. As I percieved my creation as accidental before, knowing it was done with meaning is odd. What was the meaning? Perhaps it was just to spite Joey, perhaps something else. Now, this is a bit distressing. What purpose would I have if I didn't even have my own name, or anything? It couldn't have been much, of course.

Now, how do I feel about him? More confused than ever. Im sure he had reasons for not telling me, but I don't know how to feel that he didn't. I suppose I have to look at him as a father now, but I already consider Thomas my father. So, what? I have three dads now. I feel better towards Thomas, but I don't hate Henry, I defiantly like him more now, and have more respect from him

I think the reason he acted as a father to Bendy instead of me because he couldn't be one to me. I think he did good, so I wonder how it would of been if he acted as my father.

This all being mentioned, I wish to regain contact with Henry through some spiritual means. That way I could be sure of all this, and perhaps I'll even form a better bond with him. I do want to know how he's doing and whatnot. If his life became any better after he died.



So, there we have it. A bunch of complex feelings and uncertainty. Where will this lead? I cannot be sure.

Thank you all for reading, and I'll see you next time.



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12 hours ago, Lilac_the_rianWolf said:

Maybe Henry wanted a child with Joey but you know...

So he created you exactly for that purpose; To act as his child

Perhaps. Its a shame it didn't work out on joeys part if that was the case. I think he would have been a good father from what I've seen, but Joey, well, sucked at everything.

It must have been hard to not take care of the specific soul, the very life, you created. I think that makes sense actually, so thank you!

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