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Theories behind my Identity

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I have a rather strange way of explaining why I am who I am, and why I experience this life the way I do.
It is a mix of both spiritual and psychological reasons. I believe that souls do not take any particular shape - they are simply balls of energy, able to have any form. That being said, I do not believe my soul, in itself, to be the cause of my alterhumanity. I think my identity to be caused by brain wiring, but there is also a more spiritual "twist" to it.

I was born this way for a reason. It is part of my soul's journey to experience the world feeling more wolf than human, despite having a human body. It is a challenge in my life that I need to embrace and learn from, something my soul must experience to be one step closer to ascension.  I am here to help and guide others with similar experiences while simultaneously learning from them. Though I believe to be a wolf psychologically, the wings/non-earthern parts of my kintype are purely spiritual. I believe it is something from the soul level infringing on my wolf identity. This could explain why my shifts tend to fluctuate between a more spiritual being to one more instinctually-driven. I do not consider these two shifts to be of separate identities or kintypes, as they are not different enough for me to consider them so. They are different enough, however, to initiate different kinds of feelings when I shift.  Some being more magical and enlightened, while others are extremely animalistic.

I am still trying to figure out what it is from my soul level that is toying with my wolf identity. I am leaning towards past lives as a possible explanation. Unfortunately for me, a past life isn't something I can easily confirm as I don't have memories of them.  I believe I am an 'old soul' so I've had quite a few past lives with limited memories of them. Most of what I "know" about my past lives are just hunches, and therefore I know little to nothing about them. While I could have had one or more past lives as a pterolycus, I cannot know for sure. If I did, they most likely hold some significance that made them stand out more than my other lives. Possibly my original form or the first life my soul experienced was of a winged wolf. What I do know, is that for whatever reason, my soul feels most comfortable in that form, whether I have  experienced a past life as one or not.

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Interesting. I can relate to what you feel about past lifes. Given how old my own soul feels, one would expect that I've led many past lifes, but I can't (yet) clearly remember any. At the same time, it seems I was born to this world with certain abilities and goals which have led me through my life, and apparently have sent me onto a certain path. It seems that I only "remember" what is needed to fulfill a certain task here, and I have the feeling it was me who set myself that task.. learn about society and technology, check if it's dangerous to the planet, learn what can be done about it.

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@Amber Sorry this is a late response.  I have always believed that when reincarnated souls agree they will not remember their past lives clearly or it will defuse from the learning experience. Not to say past lives won't affect you in some way, or it is impossible to remember parts of it, but you aren't supposed to remember clearly. 

This is just my own personal belief though and I respect those who believe differently.


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