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Reiki seminar report part II


This is a personal report from a two-days reiki seminar I attended. Note that I'm just posting my very individual experience and opinion as it came across. I wrote the following report of the second day 1.5 weeks after the seminar. I still have very mixed feelings about it, mostly caused by a couple of things that happened this day.

The day was basically dedicated to practical training. We started with a guided mediation, during which I took my usual laying posture. Listening to the meditative music, I more or less ignored the guiding voice, visualized myself as usual and flooded the whole place with blue energy. Interestingly I could clearly feel the house dog lying right next to me, touching me with her paw and obviously enjoying the energy bath. I felt the dog leave shortly before the meditation ended; afterwards, I saw her lying in the other corner of the room as if nothing happened. This left me very puzzled. Nobody saw if the dog was really lying next to me because everybody had their eyes closed; the reiki master stated that the dog might have been there spiritually, too. I also felt the dog's
presence and touching during the reiki initiation at day one.

We then went to using the reiki energy for different things. I first worked with visualizing my own blue energy until the reiki master mentioned that I should use the "white" energy of the universe. After that hint, I took care to visualize using white colored energy from the surroundings of the universe. We first were teached a technique for "chakra cleaning" which basically breaks down to letting energy flow between the inner body chakras. This was said to be neccessary to "keep them open" and was recommended to be done daily. Afterwards, we jumped straight to using reiki for letting energy flow into our own body and mutually into other bodies during a few partner excercises. The most "difficult" excercise was giving a full-body treatment which included letting energy flow into the partner's chakra spots, but also knees, legs and feet (IDK why the chakras are not important in the lower extremities, but very important for the upper body). We were instructed to connect to earth and sky energies, let reiki energy flow through our own body, then "smoothen" the partner's aura by three hand movements, and accordingly letting reiki flow through our hands held above the lying partner's body, selecting the spots and the distance intuitively. Afterwards, we were instructed to "roughen" the partner's aura up again by three more rushed hand movements, disconnect from the energy, offer our thanks to ourselves and the universe, and finally wash our hands (at least symbolically by rubbing them). It was a very ritual-like way of energy work. Giving the treatment, I felt like not doing much, but rather acting as an antenna and channel for the energy; receiving it I felt a bit of prickling in my feet, but nothing special apart from that.
After the excercises we had a short closing round when my partner indicated that a surprisingly high amount of energy seemed to have floated into my neck chakra, which is responsible for finding truth. She also indicated that it felt like I'm searching for something - which is definitely true in many aspects but could be said for most people.

Finally we received a document which confirmed that we'd completed reiki grade 1, were invited to take additional seminars, and said goodbye. I didn't at any time mention my otherkin identity, but I did mention ley lines and dragons one time. The reiki master didn't know about that and didn't make any further comment. Somewhen during the excercises we talked about spirituality and "being grounded". The reiki master and also the other participants clearly indicated that I was not at all grounded. Taking a look at how I lead my daily life, this is something I disagree on; but it was probably logical that the impression came about by the way I presented myself and talked about my spiritual experiences during the weekend. It was indicated that I urgently needed grounding by opening up my lower chakras, since not being grounded would be a very bad thing which could cause severe illness; also the reiki master mentioned that I had much work to do in that regard and that "humbleness is a clear sign of being grounded". Given her reproachful look and voice, I understood that as an accusation and it was the main reason for my hard thinking process after the seminar.

The day after the seminar I was thinking heavily about the learnings. I found that "being grounded" is sometimes described as fitting your astral body and soul completely into the human body. Now that is something that's obviously impossible for me. I won't try to fit a dragon's soul into a human body. Hence, I feel I need to find another approach and a new balance between spirituality and real-life.

The seminar was interesting, but didn't teach me much I didn't know yet or couldn't have learned from public sources. And all in all, I still don't see a sound theory about reiki that would be more concise than my own thinking. My identity has once again become stronger. All energies I felt at that weekend, including what the reiki master did during the initiation, were way weaker than what I'm used to from previous experiences I discovered on my own. What concerned me most was the attitude of the reiki teacher to give obscure and unclear answers to basic questions, e.g. on the question "How do you know the color of chakras?" she answered "Because I can see them", but didn't explain how. I now think that the initiation and chakra cleaning is not really neccessary, but rather used to bind people to the help and superiority of the reiki master. I could strongly feel energies before the initiation already, and that feeling didn't get stronger so the initiation didn't do much. The attitude of the reiki master of taking authority, telling me that I'd be getting ill if I don't ground myself, that I should be humble (towards her, maybe?) and just needed to believe what she says doesn't sit well with me at all. It seems like typical techniques of a religion or cult, used to manipulate people to make them depending on the master's advice, and having them pay for more seminars. Realizing that made me quite angry, and I was reminded how important it is to question authority.  

It's very difficult to sort out spiritual learnings under these conditions... which part of the learnings is valid, and which part is just hocus-pocus made to lull people? I think I'll rather learn from own experiences, introspection and freely available sources. But I've also learned to trust myself and my feelings more, found that my mindset is greatly different from others, and that I must never forget who I am and what I am. Maybe that's a learning that could be generalized.

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