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Not an earthly wolf?


I have known that I am not an earthly wolf for quite some time and will try to explain what makes me different below. 

I have tried on the identity wolf in the past, and there was a  slight disconnection/foreign feeling. Pterolycus/winged wolf feels more correct, as the phantom wings are definitely integrated into this identity.  My wing shifts do not feel cameo at all and are quite frequent and strong. I also feel like I should be able to fly, or at least glide, despite never being able to,  it feels weird to lack this ability. I also have the ability to "shape-shift" not physically, but phantom, mentally, or metaphysically within meditation. There is a folktale of a winged wolf with the ability to shape-shift,  which helps me feel confident with this identity. 

During meditation,  I am often lead to another world or dimension (not sure which)  that feels more "home" than earth does. Perhaps this is where my kin originates from? I feel more like a spiritual being,  and not in the sense of just being a spiritual person. I genuinely feel like my kintype might be native to the spiritual or astral plane (or from a place more connected to it than earth is)   I'm still questioning this, however.


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