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General artsy and zhu updates


Kind of copy paste from my da/tumblr journal but it included zhuards so...I'll put it here too..


With sketchtember just ending, and inktober happening now (and being kind of busy in general), I've put a few things off to the side-knowingly or unknowingly. That includes character refs/studies and FAQ's. I'll see what I can do before the new year. Speaking of which, this year's resolution was about backgrounds and characters- and I think I did a pretty decent job at that, so I'm happy...but I really want to extend that theme further into the new year.

Still chipping away at the zhuard terrestrial (black and white technically line-artish) ref. I'm taking my time with it because I want it to be 'right' and correct in my eyes for a while. At least to the best of my skill level (with drawing/loose linearting) and knowledge of them- and I've gained a ton this year about them! It may seem boring without color but it is very important and a much needed reference, pointing out anatomy quirks and facts about the species that distinguish them from earth's creatures-and that people make or might not know. It's also more for me personally. I'm just super excited about that point alone. Pharaoh form will have a similar format but that'll be in the future of course- I need more information on them in that form.


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