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Another ref that was needed


As the title says, Another reference that was very much needed concerning zhuards imo was about their form changing. They are technically illusionist, not shapeshifters. Still, they are more than that as they are nearly integrated with an interesting energy found on Issuhiro. The ref imo is a pretty straight forward one. I consider it a bit of a mini ref in terms of its size (as one of my text refs) as I prepare to finish up the major terrestrial form reference (very much needed as zhuards are not mammals- and should not be compared directly to them anatomically or otherwise). Everything is coming together, I'm so proud of this as the connection I've had with this kintype is lighting up- I've learned so much. It brings me great joy to know of what I was, am and will be. Rather, it brings me pride- and it's hard to describe a bit. I need this more so for myself. I'm going to enjoy looking over what I've written for zhuards- no small writing...years of information, misinformation, feelings and drawings- their anatomy, biology and other things. 

There's a small description that adds just a little more (via the link to DA) but not much imo.



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