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The Godec

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This is a more of the less a background on the Godecs since that is part of understanding the Godec kintype. To understand the kintype, the history behind it is an intergral part of the kintype

The Godec as I call it since my people from that life were known as Godecs, well it has a rather interesting history behind it if one is open to believe it. But the question here to ask would be: what is this kintype exactly?

Despite being similiar in name and nature, Godecs are not a type of Gods rather can more be viewed as divine guardians. The most important belief that a Godec holds is that they are not better then mortals and as such they dont see themself as a divine being or a God despite outsiders would see them in such a manner. This belief is the most important block of the culture. It all descends to the fact that Godecs didnt start right away as a race of immortal beings but rather started as mortals. After being saved by the Great Snake, to me known as Tortarium, the group were brought to the realm were originally the Great Spirits resided who had created the realm. The energy of the realm seemed to change the mortals over generations since it was different to the energy what the planet they lived on would have. Over many generations the mortals started to adapt to the energy and what eventually would evolve them in the immortal Godecs. The many different powers that would arise with the Godecs were also a effect of the Godecs. 

The powers that are among the Godecs are also a important part of the life since the type of power would eventually decide what kind of role a Godec would fufill. The general roles were: Guarding, Knowledge and Introspect. Under these roles were many different roles but it also could happen that a Godec would take aspects up various aspects of 2 roles. The Guarding role was basicly guarding the planet where the mortals at the time lived but the other aspect was guarding the realm that the Godecs called home. The Knowledge role was basicly learning about the ancestors, their traditions and guarding the knowledge of the Godecs. Introspect was basicly about teaching, guiding and learning about yourself. For many years this was how Godecs would fufill their purpose and help the mortals on the planet they were charged with guarding. That charge goes back to the time the First Godecs arose. The Great Spirits by that time saw how that generation became immortal and the powers that came with it. At this time the Spirits would disappear and go into a long sleep since they knew their time had passed and how it was time to hand it down to the Godecs who would act as the new guardians of the realm and the planet as they had before. The long sleep was neccersary for the Spirits to keep their powers and keep balance. They would only hand it down fully when the Godecs would prove they could eventually keep the same balance. 

The Great Spirits played a key role in forming the Godecs. The most important Spirit was Tortarium since he was the one who saved the mortal ancestors from an enemy before. At the time he didnt know the energy of the realm would shape them into immortal beings since no mortals had entered the realm before, thus he didnt know how they reacted to it. He believed they would stay mortal. Tortarium is the Spirit of Knowledge. He was not a warrior but his powers were strong enough to withstand and battle enemies, should the need arise. His most important aspect is how he talks in secrets when asked a question, he does imply the answer but instead of saying it directly he wants the person who ask the question to seek the answer themselves. He played the role of a guide and teacher to the mortal ancestors but eventually left them alone when he saw that they thrived well on their own. Over time the Spirts would be forgotten but their teachings would not be forgotten when they interacted with the ancestors. The teachings laid the basis for what a Godec should always remember and how to act accordingly. The most important thing a Godec would be taught from their teachings was not to approach a possible enemy with violence but try to always solve a situation calm and peacefully, with using the power as a last resort when it comes clear the situation takes a turn for the worst. Before the Spirits would go into hibernation Tortarium created what was known as the Prophecy of the Snake. One of his abilities was seeing the future but what he forsaw was not set in stone. In other words what Tortarium forsaw would not always come true in all ways but there was always one element in the vision what would come true. For the prophecy he forsaw a future of darkness where the Godecs would be threatened but also was the time where a new type of Godec would arise with at the helm a leader, a descendant of the line what would keep ruling the Godecs, who was different from the normal Godecs and would eventually receive all the powers of the Spirits meaning that person would keep the realm in balance. This would not come to pass for a long time and come true in many ways but one element would be fufilled. When that has happened the Spirits knew their time in the realm was done and would move on to a different realm where the mortal ancestors and other generation of Godecs were. 

With the First Godecs their immortality would first work in the way of a Godec going through many periods till a short hibernation where their bodies would be renewed but their memories and powers would remain as they were. After a unknown period of this a Godec would feel a vague call, as my mother at the time would describe, and that was their sign that their time in the realm was done and they would move on to unknown lands where they would remain forever. Their evolution was not done yet. With each generation this became less and less so it became clear that the last stage of their evolution would go to a generation where they could remain in the realm forever or eventually choose to also leave to join their parents and ancestors. They would become the true Immortal Godecs. The Godecs who would go to cycles of rebirth called themselves more the Resurrection Godecs. They were immortal but not fully yet. Yet it was unknown how the way to the Immortal Godec would come or how to reach it since at some point they realized it wouldnt come with naturally at one day. Someday the cycle needed to be broken by the last Ressurection Godecs to complete the evolution. This was eventually done by Lycanos, my mother who ruled the Godecs with my father Winkalas.

An another important thing to understand about the Godecs is how their powers are received. While the firsr Godecs somehow got them, I dont know how since that remains unknown, the other generations would inherit them from their parents. Their powers would mix and form a new kind of power unique to their offsping but always was inherited. Eventually no new matches could be made thus at some point the powers remained more of the less the same but how they acted would depend on the parents. My mother was a shapeshifting being with some forms of powerful abilities while my father Winkalas was not a shapeshifting being with only the abilities to use the wind. This resulted in my older brother Xaradis not being a shapeshifter but inheriting the abilities of my mother but I at the time had received the shapeshifting abilities but with the wind abilities of my father. So it really depended on the many offsping and the parents how powers would manifest. 

My experiences with the kintype

While I cannot remember every aspect anymore since most memories are gone due the passage of time, the few pieces that remain do give some clues how I was back then. While I cannot remember when I was born or how long ago that was, I eventually came into existence as a Godec who shouldnt be born. When I was still in a egg my lifeforce was to weak so I couldnt hatch. But the spirit of Tortarium somehow found me after his new body disappeared. His old body died eventually when he went to war against his enemy but since he was part of the realm he didnt die and remained in the realm as a Spirit so he was the only one who didnt go into hibernation. Somehow his powers remained though weakened throughout time. Eventually he gave his power to me to help strengthen the lifeforce so I could be born. The effect from there was his spirit was attached to me but also gave me access to his powers. Over time it became clear there was something else at work since I had a power what I hadnt inherited from my parents. It was never known it was Tortarium till recently.

My parents were good parents in their own way. Since my mother was more or less the leader I never saw her that much so I remember I was more closer to my father. From what I can tell my older brother Xaradis was the only sibling I could get along with as my other siblings were not the best brothers and sisters. While most have never returned after demons attacked only my brother and I remained as the only offspring of the rulers. My brother was eventually first seen as the next in line to rule but after the tests to test his ability as a leader it became clear he was not fit. While I cannot remember if I ever took the same tests or in some other way proved myself, I was eventually seen as the next person to rule. All I do know is in the time Tortarium was attached to me he taught me and guided me to become the Godec I would eventually become known for. He became my second father figure when evetually my father had less time to see me at a young age but I never felt hatred for them since in that time it was turmoil. At a young age I didnt know the being in front of me was a Great Spirit, he played a huge part in my life. Even today I remain a connection to him. That is as he has told me: ''No matter how far away or in what kind of different body you live, your spirit will remain having a connection to me.'' It was eventually with his help I could understand the kintype and the things that surrounded me. Tortarium remains a guiding figure when I need it but he can only visit me so many times since he must return to the realm where the other Spirits and ancestors are. 


I will write more tomorrow.



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