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Kin Updates 12/Nov./2018


Quite a bit has been happening in terms of my therian identity, so I wanted to write it out and get it all in one place.


Therian Journal

I got a leatherback journal from Walmart and have been updating it semi-frequently with everything relating to my identity and self-discovery. 


How I explain my identity

I guess my identity is spiritual with some psychological reasoning thrown in. I believe in a soul and reincarnation, and that our souls are a bundle of different kinds of energy. This energy isn't just spiritual but also physical, mental, emotional, etc. Everything that has happened in this life and those previous has shaped our energy to be the way it is. I might not have lived all these lives as conventionally believed, but this merging of energy has made them me and I them. Even if one of my theriotypes is psychological, the energy of this psychological merging makes me this theriotype. I really hope that made sense. 


Kenai Peninsula Wolf to Coyote

I started to feel doubt in my Kenai Peninsula Wolf kintype as I continued to do more and more research into the species. The size of the Kenai wolf and the habitat felt off. I did research, introspection, and looked back on past theriotype identities and possibilities and I found myself back at the coyote. The habitat fits well, imagine a place like Wyoming or Montana; and the size is also very similar, but I am yet to fully discover if I was just a larger than average coyote, or if I was some sort of coywolf or coydog, but during my research, I wasn't able to find any coydogs/coywolves subspecies that lived in that area. 


Draconic Kintype

I was talking to my higher self/subconsciousness and She (I refer to Her separate from me for clarification reasons, she is me, though) made it known that I will figure it out in due time.


Possible cat theriotype

I have always felt I have had a feline theriotype, but have been feeling out the possibility more and more recently.  


Possible angelic kintype

Same as above, only with some kind of angelic being and most likely as a psychological kintype. 


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