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Something weird

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Short post today. Something... odd happened. When I got up, my pendulum was laying in my chair. Which might not seem odd, maybe it just fell off my desk. But the spot it was in on the desk, would have made it fall into the floor. It would not have hit my chair. It also wasn't close enough to the edge to fall off. Also, it was stretched across the chair, as if someone had placed it there. It couldn't roll off the desk, because its not round, its actually flat.

The cat could have pulled it off, but it was pushed back on the desk and shes never done that before. I also doubt she could stretch it across the chair, she'd have just pulled it off into the floor. Part of me wants to believe it was Aiden, letting me know that hes still here. And maybe hes still practicing touching physical objects. Maybe it is like the movie Ghost, where he has to learn to touch objects. If he is really here, I hope he starts doing more things. I want normal ghost stuff. Noises and more objects moving. I wanna hear footsteps or random knocks. I want doors to open and close by themselves. He could just swing my bathroom door open or closed and that would be enough for me.

Well... not enough in the sense that I would stop looking for more proof. But enough to make me go "Okay, that was something. I believe Aiden did that." I will always be looking for more proof. Trying to get another EVP, playing with the EMF detector and the pendulum, etc. But that was an odd little thing today when I woke up.

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I think the thing with the pendulum was the cat. When I woke up today, half the chain was hanging off the edge of the desk. It was pushed back on the desk when I went to bed. I have no idea why shes suddenly started messing with it, when she never bothered it before. Thats really disappointing to me, because I wanted SO bad for that to be a sign that hes still here with me. And now I feel like he might actually be gone.... and I dunno what to do anymore.

I'm gonna start laying it somewhere else and see if she still tries to mess with it.

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