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Mod edit 2: it will be happening on the 16th, 7pm Central 

Mod edit: due to technical issues, the STDC will be rescheduled. The exact date is not yet known, however we are currently setting it to be a week out until new information is known.

From cheetah on Werelist:


On June 9th at 7:00 PM Central Time, I will be hosting a moderated discussion about therianthropy on IRC. The topics will be:

1) Regardless of whether or not therianthropy has some innate purpose, do you try to give it one and use it, or be inspired by it, in the service of a greater cause? For instance, a tiger therian might be inspired to help preserve their theriotype, or a therian might try and take up the pen or keyboard to foster a greater understanding or empathy for non-humans.
2) Fiction speaks to people because of their lived experiences. What fiction speaks to you because of your therianthropy, and how?
3) If therians are humans with nonhuman instincts/phantom limbs/identity/whatever, could nonhuman animals have similar experiences?

The first two questions are carried over from the last announcement since no one showed up for the last STDC.

To join, go to and click "launch Mibbit client." Type in your preferred nickname and type "#stdc" into the field called "channel." Click "auth," select "password" and enter "purplemountains." Then click connect. You may have to add some random digits to the end of your nickname; Mibbit is a large server and some nicknames will already be registered. Please note that when not in use the channel is locked. This means that outside of shortly before the chat starts, during the chat, and shortly after it ends (if people linger), it will be impossible to say anything in the chat.

Chats will be archived on the Werelist, as attachments on this thread. Also, Therian Guide and Kinmunity both made a chatbot that's will allow users on their Discord to see what's being said in the chatroom and participate.


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