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Show off your creative side and show who you are! This place you can show and spread your ideas and creations that really let you express yourself. (club icon temporary)

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  2. When many think of art and creativity, they likely think of visual arts. But just as important is the art of words; literature! I've never been too talented with writing but I've dabbled in poetry a small bit and have been trying to do more lately. Some of my recent work had actually been posted on my blog! ( "Kin" and "Dreamshift" most notably) I would like to see your poems too! So drop them below so we can all inspire each other!
  3. Yian0nuki

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    hella yo!~ this is hella cool!~
  4. Hello to all who may read this! Welcome to this new club which is open to anybody, and everybody. We all know there is a scarce amount of dear specifically for therians and otherkins to really express themselves, especially those with kintypes not common at all. So at times, we must wiggle our "creative noses" and create some things! If you have made anything that makes you more comfortable with your kin I would love to see!
  5. Kamoe

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    Awesome, I love this
  6. Guest


    This group looks nice! My feelings for this art isn't much except the fact I love to draw creepy things.
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