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  • Open Club  ·  7 members  ·  Last active

    A club for fans of the game/comic series Sonic the Hedgehog!

  • Open Club  ·  16 members  ·  Last active

    Thoughtforms encompass created entities such as tulpas, daemons, (some) soulbonds, egregores, and many more. This group is a place for both hosts and their headmates, no matter how they came to be. Whether you have one (or more), are just starting out, or are just interested about the phenomenon, come take a look.

  • Public Club  ·  Last active

    Show off your creative side and show who you are! This place you can show and spread your ideas and creations that really let you express yourself. (club icon temporary)
  • Open Club  ·  25 members  ·  Last active

    We are a gaming & discussion community for those of us who feel that we are not wholly human in nature. This primarily includes the otherkin, fictionkin, therian, vampire, plural system, and other-hearted communities; although we're pretty open and will accept anyone interested in our group!

  • Open Club  ·  1 member  ·  Last active

    A club for those interested in the Angles of Death series! "When Rachel wakes up in the basement of an unfamiliar building, she finds herself lost all her memory. As Rachel tries to get clear of the basement, she runs into Zack, a scythe-carrying serial killer wrapped from head to toe in bandages. “Kill me, kill me please…" "I will do it, but only if you help me to get out of this building.” The bizarre promise brings these two together and somehow makes them an irreplaceable partner to each other. Where are they? Why are they trapped? And what is the destiny they have been looking for? The journey of death and lives starts…"

  • Open Club  ·  3 members  ·  Last active

    Hey hey hey! Is your kintype "scary"? Are you something people fear like a ghost or a zombie, a monster of sorts? Maybe you've got a source thats a horror game or movie or the likes. Maybe you just enjoy the horror genre, and want to talk about it. Come one, come all, welcome to the spoopzone!

  • Open Club  ·  4 members  ·  Last active

    This is a Pack for people who are looking for a place to belong. There are rules: Be kind, loyal, and no fighting. Rude comments or any violence is not okay, the club is made for Therians who need a place to be, to relax, to talk, and make friends. Everyone is welcome. Thank you! -Wolfie Atsuko (Leader)

  • Open Club  ·  15 members  ·  Last active

    Open to all who identify as canine, whether specific or general.

  • Open Club  ·  4 members  ·  Last active

    Welcome to the Crescent Wolf Pack (Therian Family) based as of right now in Oregon State.

  • Open Club  ·  3 members  ·  Last active

    This club is the spiritual successor of the Google+ Otherkin group, and it contains its archives.

  • Open Club  ·  4 members  ·  Last active

    Club for all types of spacekin

  • Open Club  ·  1 member  ·  Last active

    Bristlecone Pack is an online family open to all types of therians across North America. This group is a face-front for the pack. We are currently looking for new members.

  • Open Club  ·  2 members  ·  Last active

    Welcome to Wolf Pack k8. This is a place for all therian wolves and wolf dogs to be able to feel what it's like to be in a pack! We even accept dogs and coyotes!?(you'll have to pass a test first) Kinda like some kind of Wolf Pack role playing.

  • Open Club  ·  1 member  ·  Last active

    A group for Cybertroniankin aka, Transformers fictionkin.

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