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  2. Any dragon slayers out there?

    (i saw this thread and thought it was a term for people who hate otherkin but then i realized this was literal dragon slaying) Do you mean in mythology and stories? Because in most myths the Dragon is used in place of a serpent, or the Devil (because the snake and Eve), and by killing the dragon you "kill off" sin. At least that is how I take it. But literally killing dragons? Hasn't happened on his Earth. If it happened in a past life of yours than I am sure none of us have the answer.
  3. The "Canadian" wolf

    No I don't. I am a dragon, I like debate...
  4. Saved a kitten from falling out of a tree into the yard of a huge dog.

    Now it won't leave me alone.

    I can't get more cats dammit! Go away!

  5. Yay, it's not down any more!

  6. Yesterday
  7. The "Canadian" wolf

    So you only listen to those that agree with you and ignore anything else.
  8. Dumbest thought of the day!

    "So if I agree to worship this super-duper AI as my god, will it get me a robot boyfriend?"
  9. Any dragon slayers out there?

    I don't think anyone here thinks of dragons as "monsters" in a negative way. There are lots of dragonkin here that I've seen, and we've only been treated nicely and with respect.
  10. Any dragon slayers out there?

    Can you point out any that exist anywhere? Have you any specific examples of this happening anywhere in history?
  11. Any dragon slayers out there?

    I've never heard of dragon hunting being an actual thing. What do you mean? Anyway monsters is a general term for any animal that is considered mythical and possibly dangerous. Werewolves, mysterious sea creatures, Thunderbird, etc. Also, dragons are the sort of creature that is portrayed in both positive and negative ways. You can go from Puff the Magic Dragon to Smaug; people still love them as awesome characters!
  12. The "Canadian" wolf

    Unfortunately, we're all humans right now. Although we may have different views in some aspects, I think most of us aren't too different than someone who is non-kin.
  13. The "Canadian" wolf

    I'm trying to learn but it seems to have a huge human twist to it. The answers are from a human point of view, I wanted to get them from non humanists that's why I joined
  14. The "Canadian" wolf

    I don't know how else to say this, but you are ignoring and denying everything anyone says if it doesn't go with your view point. Why join an otherkin website when you're not trying to learn anything or communicate with others? It seems to me that you just joined it just to rant about how much you hate humans killing dragons. It's not constructive. You said that once but you don't need to repeat it on every forum post.
  15. Any dragon slayers out there?

    I wish to ask why? Why must we dragons be targeted? Why must we be called evil? Why must we be called monsters?
  16. The Let it All Out Thread

    Having major dysphoria recently. I'm at a point where I have no idea what my gender is, after identifying as agender for several years. I feel as though I have a gender, but I am not a man or a woman. I'm nonbinary and unaligned with the gender binary, but I don't know what "specific" gender I am. I'm something but... what? Neutrois? Maybe?
  17. The "Canadian" wolf

    I know some "invasive" species do cause harm but literally the same creature with a different color is just mad...green and brown anoles are both anoles, a small lizard. I have seen with my own eyes them coexist. People hunt invasive species for something to kill. If humans didn't kill the predators of an area like coyotes, bob cats, and wolves then maybe just maybe I don't know for sure but I think the prey would fall back in line and not only that but be stronger. Brown anoles should be one of those species because feral cats like to decimate lizard populations so at least an anole of some sort to take care of the insects would do good. Iguanas shouldn't be hunted because they don't do anything wrong, they found a new home like humans long ago did when they came to the "new lands" and decimated the natives...It should be no issue saying humans are an invasive species, it should be a fact right now. Humans are taking over the world, they push all others out and they say others are overpopulated yet they have 7.6 in population...if any creature needs a cull it's the humans
  18. Probably not crazy

    Welp. It's been a while. And this is kind of a pain in the backside to write on my phone, but... I've gotta get it off my chest. And yep, it feels exactly as crazy as it sounds. Maybe I made it up. I don't know. My depression's been pretty bad lately, which is one of the reasons I haven't really been 'round here. Earlier today, I had a bit of a moment, and basically sunk into a pit of self-hatred (probably irrational, but my brain doesn't care for logic when it gets in that state). The reason it was only a moment, and not a whole episode? Well, um. I got this weird feeling like someone was watching me, then something started... kinda talking to me? Not like an auditory hallucination or anything. More like when I talk to my thoughtforms, but I know it wasn't either of them. And, I mean, it didn't feel like it was coming from some part of myself. Paraphrasing a little here cause our conversation wasn't all in words, but the gist of it was... it didn't say everything would be okay, but that it's okay to feel like shit sometimes. I said it shouldn't bother with me, and it did a mental shrug like it wasn't a big deal. It seemed almost like it understood? Like it'd been in the same kind of position before or something. It mentioned my spiritual weirdness in an offhand way, but didn't treat it like a big deal right now. One thing that really struck me though, was... well, with spirit stuff, I usually feel pretty untouchable just because of what my kintype is. I'm not afraid of ghosts or demons 'cause, at the end of the day, they're small - I'm big. But this thing was different. It didn't feel small. In some ways, it made me feel small. Guess there are things out there bigger than me. I'm just a nature spirit, after all. But it's not something I'm used to feeling. So. Uh. Yeah. Dunno what to do with this experience, so I guess I'll just... kinda... see if it happens again? Maybe meditate on it? I really don't know. This is way out of my comfort zone. Umm.
  19. I've been accepted to college and I'm excited to say I'm going for Wildlife Biology. Maine...here I come!


  20. The "Canadian" wolf

    Oh boy...you are driving me, a Wildlife Biologist major, insane. The reason certain species are defined as invasive species is because they out compete native species. For example, European Starlings were released into North America. I have watched with my own eyes them throwing a Red-bellied Woodpecker out of its nest cavity and taking it over. Not even a day later, the starlings were kicked out by another invasive species: House Sparrows. Although if you go into a forest you may find more woodpeckers than starlings but they are spreading rapidly and have taken over places where they used to thrive. People hunt invasive species because they are attempted to conserve those native species. If we don't hunt the Wild Boar, for example, they'll decimate native plants and be a serious threat (they're extremely aggressive towards other animals and humans. Animals like mountain lions don't even try to hunt them because they'll be the one that'll get killed). It does because a philosophical issue to claim that humans are an invasive species. Over time, species spread and establish their place, fitting in to the food chain. For example, Ring-necked Pheasants were brought to North America but haven't been perceived a threat because they are hunted by other animals and humans. We are actually trying to establish habitat for them here! So, humans, if we see them as animals, yes we're invasive species. However, it is kind of hard to say so considering many people don't like to think themselves as animal. As long as we're able to work hard to keep the ecosystem stable, not moving or building over vital habitats, I think it'll get better.
  21. The "Canadian" wolf

    Black humans are invasive to white humans, at one point in time black humans were seen as lesser...look at the social justice movement...they're trying to get the black humans to be above...how is that bad? Using your logic...Brown anoles aren't invasive and can coexist with green anoles, i've actually seen it. There are brown and green anoles outside in my yard which I observe every day. I've seen more green anoles than I have brown anoles, again and again I see green anoles outnumbering the brown anoles so your point is invalid...Humans shouldn't be allowed to do such a thing..."stoping" is another word which in humans means mass killing. Just because they went to another area doesn't mean they're bad or invasive. What did humans do to bring brown anoles here besides ships? Sure they went on ships but they weren't deliberately put into nature..."humans are the only species" spare me that crap...Don't use such words as "control" and "invasive species" in the same statement...Humans don't do anything to help the "invasive" species, they only kill. Anoles eat insects...killing insects without chemicals is something humans should be striving for so why care if they're the wrong color of anole? They both eat insects.
  22. The "Canadian" wolf

    You might want to read this. Claims like that require evidence, or they're just a belief. Somehow I think the whole "magic fire breath" and "wings" thing would probably lead to dragons having their own unique scientific classification completely separate from lizards. You have repeatedly shown generalizations and misunderstandings of how science works. "Essentially lizards" is not the same thing as a lizard. Dinosaurs aren't lizards either, for example. There's more to what a lizard is than cold blood, scales, eyelids, and limbs. Limbs are also irrelevant, given the existence of the legless lizard. That is not why subspecies exist. No they weren't. Multiple subspecies of wolves are native to the US, including the gray wolf (also know as timber wolf), red wolf, arctic wolf, Great Plains wolf, northwestern wolf, and Mexican wolf. We've got plenty of wolves. Some of them are endangered, yes, but they haven't gone extinct yet. I just explained why humans cannot be divided into subspecies. We are already a subspecies. The color and facial feature differences you see are insignificant in terms of genetics. Green and brown anoles are different species. An invasive species such as the brown anole out-competes the green anole to the point where the green anole cannot adapt quickly enough to maintain its place in the environment, and can threaten the entire existence of the other species. By this reckoning, are humans an invasive species? Yeah, probably. But that doesn't mean we should stop trying to prevent other kinds of invasive species, especially if the only reason they're invasive is because humans introduced them in the first place. Ignoring invasive species because you think they're not as big of a problem as humans is irresponsible. We are the only creatures at this point that do have the power to try and undo some of the damage we've done, and that includes things like the control of invasive species, projects to clean and keep clean sources of water, protecting endangered species (even if we were the ones who endangered them, it's even more important then), etc.
  23. The Let it All Out Thread

    There's an armed and dangerous guy running around close to my neighborhood. We'll see how this goes, then.
  24. The "Canadian" wolf

    But narrowing them down to kill them is just wrong. The native wolf of the US was killed off, them bringing in more wolves even if they aren't the exact type for obvious reasons is needed, Humans like killing sure but it removes nature. If not species than humans are sub species which are allowed to intermingle yet green and brown anoles are hated for trying to
  25. The "Canadian" wolf

    We are a subspecies of human already - Homo sapiens sapiens (the other (extinct) one was Homo sapiens idaltu). Skin color, over generations, can actually change drastically because of environmental factors unrelated to any actual genetics. Physical appearance differences (such as different facial features people associate with different races) even involve less actual genetic difference than between subspecies. Subspecies of wolves do have more distinct genetic differences. As of right now in science, as far as I'm aware, there's just not enough actual genetic diversity to subcategorize humans further like that. And actually, different species are determined by their distinct difference on the level of DNA. This difference does have a physical effect, which is why when we talk about different species of the same kind of animal (like big cats, for example), we might talk about how they look or where they live, but that's not why they're actually classified as different species. Defining subspecies is a little looser, but there is generally also at least a distinct variation in genetics.
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  27. The "Canadian" wolf

    Sure but by that logic black humans and white humans are different species, they live in different areas (or used to) eat different things, statistically highly likely to commit crime within themselves...but no that's "racist" right? Why is it? Dragons do exist on earth, just hidden from humans view. I know it's not a dragon, it's a huge lizard though. Dragons are essentially lizards we have cold blood, scales, eyelids, and limbs...sure we have wings but still. We aren't avian that's for sure. I am speaking through a half shift, through my dragons spirit. I'm dragonkin by definition. There is science involved in many things you know. Sure i'm in a rubbish body but still I myself in spirit am a dragon, and I hold the memories of many past lives as such. I know I don't "have" to eat insects and fish but I like doing so. Insects are quite sustainable and it provides a meal to me as well as my reptilian children that are kin to dragons. Who are you to tell me i'm pretending?
  28. Artists or bands you suspect could be 'kin

    Several obscure power metal bands that i listen to really do remind me of Dragonkin sometimes. Most notably Insania Stockholm. Of which i'm not too sure, but with titles and lyrics to songs like "Life after life" "Carried by wings" especially. But that might just be me. ^^; But however "Dragons rising" by Iron savior, is very surprising. The lyrics seem to be pretty relevant!. Check it out! :D (Awesome solo too by the way.)
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