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  2. @Amber thank you, I’m just going through a hard time right now, I’ll message you if I need anything. ^.=.^
  3. Long time no post... the last song didn't leave a too strong impression... 6/10 maybe? This one features a very nice performance. I've read it was done with augmented reality in the stadium. I've actually yet to try one of these VR glasses, haha:
  4. Oh dear. Nice try, but I don't want to ignore this... however, I also don't really know how to help. In any case, feel free to PM and bother me with your stuff anytime if you like.
  5. Greetings and welcome to the Kinmunity! Ultimately, no one can tell you what your kintypes are, we can only provide advice. It is entirely possible to be fictionkin and have a kintype from the real world. I know many others who have similar identities. I highly suggest doing research on both possible kintypes, that way you can know and compare what you find in sources to your experiences respectfully. Take time to discover yourself, it takes a while to have memories and such, as they mainly come naturally. Meditation can be a wonderful way to help retrieve memories, however keep in mind that there is no one way to meditate! Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable! I don’t have that many true memories either, so I would be on the same boat! ^.=.^ Also keep in mind though that fiction is meant to be relatable and it is supposed to encapsulate you in the world and story. It can be easy to see a fictional character and immediately fall into them, I’ve done that a few times myself. Remember to take discovery slow and do some questioning about your experiences and memories if they arise. I wish you much luck in finding out your identities and feel free to browse around the forums and ask if you still have questions! ^.=.^
  6. Since people are still bringing up things from over six years ago, I feel that this does warrant an explanation to those who aren’t familiar with the story. 1. Taka showed interest in me for a period of several months. She told me all sorts of stories about how her mate raped and abused her in order to make me feel bad for her. She eventually started Skyping me and we became friends. I told her I had feelings for her after she stated she had feelings for me. 2. After I discovered that much of what she told me was untrue, I confronted her. She initially denied lying about being raped (among other things), and then said a malicious head-mate of hers was interacting with me for the entire time and that she herself didn’t like nor even know me. 3. I did, indeed, accuse her of manipulation at this point. I told her that what she was doing is abuse and that it amounts to “blatant treason” towards both me and her mate at the time. I also did threaten to expose her behavior publicly, because mental illness does not excuse such abusive behavior. Keep in mind, she said her mate RAPED her – the emotional abuse towards me doesn’t even compare to this tidbit. Because of various abusive behavior of hers, she is not welcome within the majority of the otherkin and therianthropy community; including on many communities administered by people who I don’t personally get along with. View the full post @ Naia's Den
  7. I’ve been holding a lot of self hate for myself lately, not to mention I haven’t been feeling good at all. I don’t need encouragement, I just have to get this off my chest, though it would be appreciated I guess. Feel free to ignore... I really need to practice what I preach about my own spirituality. I haven’t made an effort to really connect with Infinity Lord Galaxashoria much lately, but I’m trying so hard. What am I doing wrong that makes me hate myself every day? What am I doing wrong to be ignored by him when I’m pleading for help? I want to connect with him, but it just seems like he ignores me every single time, like he just doesn’t care anymore. I blame no one but myself for my pain, literally everyone else is better than me in my dumb ass brain. I’m not lying when I say I would commit suicide if no one would miss me, but that’ll never be the case. I know I need to try, I know I can’t give up, and I won’t. I have no one to talk to about my feelings and quite frankly I don’t want to bother anyone with my stuff... Maybe I need to try harder, but who can blame me for what I feel? Schizophrenia is no walk in the dog park, and for me it’s like everyone hates you and wants to see you tortured. I’m not giving up, but I don’t want to feel this way anymore. .... I’ll stop now
  8. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. I signed up for a Pokémon Game Community Playthrough for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum on Showdown. I'll be playing through Platinum on the 2DS, going through checkpoints with everyone else who is participating.

    Anyone can join as long as they follow the rules here: Pokemon Games DPPt Community Playthrough Information Log!

    Pokemon Showdown

  9. "Kinnies." Is this a new term? I hadn't heard it until a couple weeks ago and now it seems like everyone is saying "kinnies." Not that there's anything wrong with it, I just don't know where it came from.

    1. Charias

      It's Tumblr slang, I think?

  10. Hello and welcome to Kinmunity! We hope you enjoy your stay here! I don't have any Kindgom Hearts fictotypes but one of my headmates (soulbonds) is Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. I used to consider myself a heartless long ago but they became more of something I'm fiction-hearted to (I guess that would be the right term.. or maybe synpath? idk, there are so many definitions for the terms DX).
  11. Hello! I'm new to this website, however I'm not new to the community. I'm on the search for any and all Kingdom Hearts kinnies, since it's my main source and I hardly have any friends from the series. I personally am Isa/Saïx and Lea/Axel and I'd love to talk to anyone.
  12. I'd love to see a professional as well, though I don't know where to begin with that. Both on the literal "how do I get one/where do I find one/which one do I need" front, and the "how do I begin talking about what's troubling me" front. I don't even know how to describe it in a way that makes sense because I get the feeling it's not something many others deal with. It's a very specific kind of trouble. One that's not easy to talk about without getting labeled and dismissed.
  13. When I don't want to go somewhere and my soulbonds have to force me.


  14. We actually have school today, which is nice. Its nice to get out of my house, ya know?
  15. "Screaming? Of course I'm screaming, it's wiggling!!!" "And an unessicary amount of hand puns..."
  16. AHA! I beat the Deadhand. I feel proud of myself now

  17. Spent about 2 hours in the hospital today to plan my surgery which will be tomorrow... good! The surgeon told me that doing the thing would need less than 5 minutes, haha...

    1. LunastreDraconis

      Oh dear, I hope your surgery goes well!

  18. @ArchieAce I don't actually do commissions atm. I'm too flaky for that kind of responsibility! I prefer to just do art for fun anyway... the pressure of working for money makes it too stressful for me. I offer free stuff pretty often, though (well, uh, "often" by my standards, which is... not really that often because I'm such a slow worker, aha). Slots will probably open again at some point, but I'm not sure when!
  19. Escaping [Dream Journal Entry #8 - Feb 20th, 2019] Content Warning: N/A Comments: Closed I remember trying to escape from King K. Rool. There was a toilet and I jumped into it, lading inside of a room with different spiraling images. It was like a long corridor of tissue papers projecting a swirl of colors and imagines of animals, buildings and people on them. Rool was running after me, trying to grab a hold and any part of my being as I pushed through the flimsy, giant pieces of paper. Making my way to the far end, I came to a halt, almost falling into a pit of blackness. There was an image of a guy with the words, "You will die here" off in the distance so I frantically turned back. Rool was in front of me but I pushed him back with my foot out of the portal, into his own world. But he didn't give up and attempted to go back in. I then found a path above me and somehow I swam up past more psychedelic tissue paper until I opened a vent and made it out of the portal right when it closed leaving King K. Rool inside. I found myself in a room with a couple of people adjusting their belts on their pants as I traipsed out of the room recognizing where I was. It was the old community college I went to years ago. There was a line of people standing stiff as board by the wall adjacent from me. A guy came down the path. He didn't look human but more in line with one of the alien species from Mass Effect. He wore a uniform, kind of militant with a brute expression upon his face. I was pulled by the arm, back in the room with the two people who both looked frightened. Girl: "You got to hurry and put on your belt before he sees you!" "Belt?" I didn't know what they were talking about, but I assumed that this military guy was some sort of fashion police that would scold anyone who didn't properly dress. So, I found a belt and began to put it through the loops on my jeans. The guy came in and could see me in the midst of getting my belt on. He had a bit of a disapproved expression on his face but soon went on his way. Everyone sighed in relief as these two individuals and I, along with the line of appropriately dressed people trailed behind the guy in front of us. I wasn't too sure as to what was going on or where we were going but soon enough we end up in a spacious room with bleachers as everyone grabbed a seat. There was a projector playing some presentation in the background as the military guy stood beside it, giving everyone a lecture. I can't remember what exactly he was talking about but it seemed to have to do with general school knowledge. I wanted to leave. But I didn't want this guy to end up beating me with a ruler or something so, I had to find a way to distract him. There was someone to the left of me shaking. He wore all black with a hood over his head. Was it maybe Zack? I couldn't tell but he looked like he would just pop any minute. Like...if someone were to give him a knife, he would be going on a frenzy. Lo and behold, I had a kitchen knife in my hand for some reason. Rachel: (thinking) "I probably can get this guy to do something as a distraction for me to make it out of here." So, I gave him the knife as he went ballistic causing everyone to go into panic. Rachel: (sarcasm) "Oh no, a murderer! He's going CRAAZZYYY!" (rushes out of building) Once I got out into the brisk open air, I felt at bliss. However, I kept moving. I could see silhouettes of people from a distance. They were completely black outside from the glimpses of color that were made visible thanks to the fire from the torches that they were setting up. Clouse, Claudeous and some other guy who I didn't know where these silhouettes. I became ecstatic! People I knew! I ran up to them leaping onto Clouse, since he was the closest, giving him a tight hug. Clouse: "Oh? Rachel! It's been too long." Claude: "Hi Rachel!" Holding on to Clouse felt good. He was warm, familiar, and I felt safe. We kissed a bit ("oooo Rachel cheating on Zack OOOOO" | "I'm polyamorous leave me alone! >:c") The guy beside us didn't know what was going on, but continued to work on what he was doing anyways. Rachel: "I missed you..." Clouse: "I missed you too." I looked behind me to see the building go up in flames. Clouse: "Is something wrong?" I told him everything. Clouse: "Oh! We can't stay here then. They'll come for us." With that, Clouse, Claude and the other guy started packing everything up. Putting out the flame on their torches and bundling up their belongings as they hiked their way, with me in tow, from the area. Then I woke up.
  20. Things are going now pretty well. While I feel still sometimes alone, I have Adela, Noikyla and Sarceakos. They are not headmates to me but rather my friends. I just feel happy with them with me. While this may sound weird Tortarium is also someone pretty dear to me. Despite being a Great Spirit, he is really more like a father to me. While our past is complicated and long, he is still visits me again ater being apart for millions of years. I still have the connection to him as I did in my Godec past life. He is really the reason that I remember that life and have it now as a kintype. We share an unbreakable bond with eachother. Despite being human now without access to my fancy Godec abilities doesnt mean anything to me. As far he is concerned I am still the same no matter what I am now. He refuses to leave my side again after he searched for me. Tortarium really helped me when I was down and broken by my anxiety problems and helped me to see my own good side when a doctor visit was still many days away. I just feel not complete anymore without him. Thanks to his words and the support of my friends my confidence is starting to grow again. 

    I just cannot really explain my bond with Tortarium really in words. It is something people wont really fully understand no matter how well I try to explain it. It just feels more different since he is a Great Spirit and I am a human.

    In short I dont know what I would do without Adela, Noikyla and Sarceakos but especially Tortarium. 

  21. Some may have heard me mentioning them or at least one of them. They can be compared to gods and yet also not at the same time. I hope to create at least some understanding of them and how they interwine with my Godec life and people. First thing to cover is that each Great Spirit is made of a unique energy in the purest form possible what allows them to maintain balance in these energies what create the realm. In other words as long the Great Spirits exist, the realm where the Godecs live will never cease to exist. Though it doenst require their full energy, there has to be at least a source of of them in the smallest form possible. This is a result of them combining their abilities to create the realm in the first place. The balance that was found eventually allowed life to evolve on what leads to many different forms of life that are unique to this realm. The Spirits have existed long before Earth was formd and first lifeforms would come there. They are even older then the Godecs themself. The Great Spirits consist of 3 Spirits that have their own goal and achievements. The first one is called Darakos. He is the embodiment of the earth and is known as the Great Spirit of Defense. His earth abilities are very strong and are all desgined to keep the user safe from any harm. Aside defensive capapbilties he is also seen as the Guardian of Animals since he is very keen on protecting any form of animal that exists in the realm. He can be seen as a grumpy old being but he just prefers action more then talking. He is very wary of beings he doesnt know and is slow to trust someone. He only trust those who have proven themselves in battle. His goal is just to defend any threat that can come to the animals but also to people he trusts. He teached the first ancestors of the Godec the importance of strong defense against any enemy but also to be wary of the unknown as it can lead to many dangers. This main path in the Godec Society is also known as Guarding. They essentially protect the living places of the Godecs but also form the army for war. Darakos preferred form is that of a bull like creature. His energy provided the basics to allow lifeforms to exists in the realm. The second one is known as Silveraya. She is the embodiment of the water and known as the Great Spirit of Health. While she is mostly kind like Darakos she remains wary of beings she doesnt know. She prefers to remain on her own without much contact. Those she did trust were people who mostly lived in the wilderness and tried to watch the lands. They were her eyes when she was somewhere else and could notify Silveraya directly when a disturbance was seen or felt. Her water abilities are desgined to heal and remove curses. While not a fighter herself, she is still important to the health of the realm. She is the most sensitive to any form of energy that sickens the land and made her goal keep the lands healthy and removing any form of imbalance. Her teachings formed the basics behind the second main path in Godec society known as Healing. Those that follow this path include any healing profession from doctor to herbalist but also forms the tools for Godecs to learn many different defenses against diseases and curses. While there are diseases that cannot be healed fully, her teachings have provided Godecs the knowledge to heal a sickness in a way that it doesnt become to much of a hinder for that person so they can at least live a fairly long life. Silveraya also provided the means for the mortal ancestors of the Godecs many means to ensure that those who passed away could rest in peace while their spirits could find enternal peace within distant lands that called to them as their afterlife. Her preferred form is that of a white leopard like creature. Where the others at least provided some teachings to the mortal ancestors though remaining mostly on their own and not becoming to involved with them, there is one who made it his mission to see these people flourish in their new home when he rescued them from demonic entities. His name is Tortarium who is the embodiment of the wilderness of the realm. He is known as the Great Spirit of Knowledge. Where the others remained wary of the unknonw, Tortarium sought them out to learn more about them. He was always on the move to seek new knowledge and understanding the enviroment around him. This search for knowledge became his main goal. His abilities were a mix of healing and offensive abilities in the beginning. The more nature was around him, the more powerful his abilities was. While his healing abilities were not as strong as that from Silveraya, he was the one who exelled at combat. His abilities are desgined to take on any form of evil and either destroy them or trying to free them from darkness. When the other Spirits went to a deep sleep for many years, Tortarium remained to defend the realm in their absence and guarding the people who were living there. His biggest opponent was an demonic king known as the Iron King. Unknown to him they shared a connection by being the opposite sides of the same source of primal energy. Tortarium was the living energy where the Iron King was the darkness or death energy. This energy could drive someone mad with power but was also resistant to pure light. While it could damage it to a certain degree, to fully take on this energy means you have to have the opposite side of the same energy. Tortarium has defeated this opponent when he tried to conquer the realm and resulted in a great hatred towards demonic beings. In this time he created beings known as Guardians to form his army and started to remove the healing aspects from his power to form them into deadly weapons against the demons with maximum capacity. His rage against his opponent led to the creation of the Stone Gaze. Unlike his other abilities what he could use over and over, this ability had the ability to stop everything in its track but the drawback was since it requiered more energy meant it could only be used once and the opponent needs to be weakened. But once unleashed it cannot be countered and only harms those who have evil intentions and no innocent. Known as an Ulitmate ability, it was his greatest weapon against the Iron King who was destroyed by it. It also led to the image that he was more dangerous despite his thirst for knowledge. To this day he is feared by those who are aware of him and also respected. Why did he become so enraged at the Iron King? Well the Iron King was made of the darkness that is the opposite of the living energy of Tortarium. Wether the powers drove him mad or he was just like that from the beginning is not really known. It is certain that he did conquer many people and their homes and enslaved those strong enough to work for him. Those who were sick, weak or pregnant were still forced to work in unbearable conditions. When Tortarium chased the demons from his home since he knew it formed a threat, he was still unaware of the scope. Tortarium cannot tolerate any form of harm brought to any innocent beings wether he knew them or not. In his mind all deserved to be free. When he saw what the Iron King had done enraged him enough to sweep across many lands with his Guardians to bring the demons to their knees. This caused his hatred to grew more and more. His drive to protect innocent beings means he doesnt stop till the harm is undone and those behind it are either brought to justice or destroyed. While the battle eventually caused him to lose his physical body, since he was connected to the realm his spirit remained. His preferred form is that of a snake. To get a good idea of what he is for people who dont know them, the closest he comes to what we have on Earth in mythology is the Basilisk. The Stone Gaze, the ability born from his rage is simliar to that what a Basilisk can do. It does turn people into stone but unlike in the Basilisk legend holding a mirror so he sees himself doesnt turn himself into stone. This ability also dont turn anyone into stone and is saved for the most dangerous enemies. Despite his capapbility as a warrior and how dangerous he can be, Tortarium is mostly known for his kindness and his desire to help people. He prefers people who help others on their own and not because they are told to help people. Tortarium's loyalty can be earned by pretty much everyone. His only demand for having his favor is being yourself and always answer with the truth. He can easily spot any lies. People who have earned his favor are awared with help from him when needed and access to some of his knowledge. His teachings forms the backbone for the main path Knowledge. These are Godecs who are those who study history, other beings, teachers and so on. Basicly everything that has to do with learning and teaching. While the Spirits dont have a leader, he is mostly the one that mortals speaks to. He has taken a shining into humans since they are unknown beings. While he doesnt physically appear here on Earth since there is no source for his energy, he does visit me. While the passage of time has taken a toll on his memories and he doenst remember everything, Tortarium is the same being that always existed. He works now closely with the descandents after a major event happened, not wanting to abandon the people he once helped rescue. While he still has an hatred towards demons for what happened, he doesnt judge every demon like that. He prefers to judge each demon on their own and not for the actions that other demons have commited.
  22. Trying to explain how to move files on a computer to someone and they reply with things like "I don't think my computer has folders.", "What's a taskbar?", "I clicked something and it all went away". Today is going to be a long day. edit - oh, forgot to add this gem: "How do I right click?"
  23. I'm sorry for the multitude of photos, but I got to hold babies today and I'm giddy.
  24. I'm having horrible urges and thoughts lately and I want to see a psychologist asap. They're worrying me and I don't know what to do.
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