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While Kinmunity is provided as a public resource free-of-charge for all to enjoy, it unfortunately costs money to maintain. In order to help offset this cost, we hold periodic donation drives. The money received from these drives allows us to continue to maintain the site, as well as occasionally bring improvements and new features to our users. A small breakdown of the yearly costs associated with maintaining Kinmunity are listed below, please keep in mind this list is not all-inclusive:

Yearly Costs of Website Maintenance
Cost Estimation​
Server Costs (yearly)​
Framework License (yearly)​
Add-On Licenses (yearly)​
Domain Names (yearly)​
Incidental Costs (yearly)​
Custom code by Naia (yearly)​
Dedication of our admin team (yearly)​

Money received from our donation drive will be used to help pay the bills associated with the website, and to bring new features and experiences to our users. If you find Kinmunity to be a useful resource to you, please consider donating. We accept PayPal, Credit Card, and Cryptocurrency!
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