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New Profile Posts

  1. Spencer
    hi hello, popping in again after taking a break from the community!
  2. cloudedmind
    i love seeing damaged characters get the development they deserve , it gives me hope
  3. BoxProphet
    Same crap over and over.
  4. Lux
    I'm going to start using this account again now that I'm more experienced!
  5. Mist Howler
    Mist Howler
  6. HaveYouSeenHer
    I'm here to meet new people and have fun!
  7. Arkaradiat
    Waiting for Flight Rising HYPEEEE XD
  8. Mist Howler
    Mist Howler
    Thanks for watching my stream guys! Maybe I'll stream again tomorrow evening after GMT-7 @ 5
  9. Mist Howler
  10. Astrophora
    Sorry if I haven't been active lately. In the middle of my spring semester. it'll end in May but til then I won't be as present. :(
  11. Mist Howler
  12. Sickly Substance
    Sickly Substance
    I need some energy/food...
  13. cloudedmind
    lets get this started
  14. Lemonadelance
    A questioning Kintype that isn't driving me up a wall? What is this??
  15. MysticalEntities
    Glad to finally find a community :)
  16. Alaina Jobe
    Alaina Jobe
    I'm so glad that I have found a community that thinks like I do. I'm so glad there are terms for what I am. Thank you Kinmunity.
  17. La Vouivre Jaune
  18. Kac
    Hey what's up? :)
  19. Kac
    Gee thanks take that all my friends that day I'm insane I'm a crazy girl and proud!!!
  20. Acacius
    Acacius Kac
    Hello you crazy guy :D

    It`s me the other Crazy guy :D