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Research Request Form

  • Please enter your full legal name.

  • Please provide an email address that you can be reached at. If you are a university student, a .edu email address is preferred.

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  • Please provide the name of the organization you are affiliated with or conducting research on behalf of.

  • Please provide a brief overview of your project, including why you wish to conduct research on Kinmunity.

  • If you are not affiliated with an educational institution or non-profit, you must have prior authorization to conduct research on Kinmunity. If you have such authorization, please enter your authorization code.

  • Please provide the Employer Identification Number of the non-profit organization you are conducting research on behalf of. 

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    Because you are a university student, you are required to upload a copy of your IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval form to conduct research on Kinmunity. 

  • Please enter the full legal name of your sponsor, teacher, or supervisor.

  • Please enter the email address of your sponsor, teacher, or supervisor. This email must be at a domain name belonging to your affiliated organization.

  • If you wish to interview members using any form of communication not provided on kinmunity.com, you must select "yes".

  • Please provide justification and explain why Kinmunity's communication facilities wouldn't be acceptable for your project.

    These documents can be reviewed below

    You required to treat participants with the utmost respect and that they have the right to (a. remain completely anonymous (b. referred to by exclusively as a pseudonym of their choice or (c. be named, credited, and cited. I also respect that a participant can withdraw at any time prior to publication, and that upon withdrawal I must destroy any data collected from them.

    Citations must include at least: the URL of the content, the content author's username*, the title of the page, and the date you accessed it.
    *if no author data is available, use the webmaster's name: Naia Okami.

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