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Humanized Victor
© (VictorTheSlimeCat) MariaTheFictionkin, (Slime Rancher) Monomi Park
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Humanized Victor

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Victor is a hunter for the Ringer Tribe. His signature weapon is a sword. He has an ingrown hatred towards humanity for enslaving his kind and stealing the world's natural resources. His aloof personality makes others wary of his presence but despite that, Victor has a strong sense of justice for his people. He'll go out of his way to do what he can to avenge those who have died to the hands of man. After witnessing Victor's takedown on a group of nefarious Tarr, tribal chief, Kain, offered Victor to be part of the Ringer Tribe. Victor agreed. Clouse, Claudeous, Kain and Victor are original characters whose existence was brought to light by me based on the Slime Rancher video game. They are insourced soulbonds. Basically, the characters are not found in the canonical source material but are believed to exist within that fictional universe. I met Victor after his intrusion upon Kain and I one day. His first impression was disgust but we soon began to gain each other's trust, sharing similar beliefs with one another etc. Umm... we got married on Christmas (2018); I'm polyamorous.


© (VictorTheSlimeCat) MariaTheFictionkin, (Slime Rancher) Monomi Park
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