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(Soulbond) RuffyTheFluffhog
© (RuffyTheFluffhog) MariaTheFictionkin, (Sonic the Hedgehog Series) Sonic Team/SEGA
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(Soulbond) RuffyTheFluffhog

(Drawn traditionally first, then digitized it on Krita) RuffyTheFluffhog is the son of ShadowTheFluffhog (ZackTheSerialKiller) and MariaTheFictionkin. He was artificially created by Shadow on the Space Colony ARK using similar blueprints that his creator used to make him. Ruffy has similar features to Shadow such as the ability to manipulate his internal organs. Ruffy looks identical to Shadow but has cerulean blue eyes, gills, blue blood, a section of spines that are longer near his tailbone that resemble a shark's dorsal fin, and is a foot and 11 inches taller. Ruffy likes sports, water and seafood. He is also a charismatic serial killer. His kindness and charm can usually sway and manipulate people to form a trust in him. This makes it easy for Ruffy to kill them afterwards. Ruffy and Shadow like to go on murder sprees with one another around Mobius and other planets. Ruffy lives in a flat at Mobotropolis. He also works as a part-time cook for a local resturant while attending a school to further his education. He earns funds from athletic based competitions, sepcifically in competitive swimming. Although Ruffy is able to pay his rent, he receives benefits from the Republic of Acorn. The benefits include covering medical bills and car insurance. Ruffy enjoys hanging out with friends, who all like to go to the movies, clubs, smoking, drinking & murdering together. Ruffy is quite notorious for his murders and the relationship he has with the infamous serial killer, ShadowTheFluffhog. Rumors and other gossip about him spread around the school he's attending which make some people fear him. Though, this does not really bother Ruffy. He can usually ignore the whispers and averse behavior and his friends usually have his back when things go wrong. Ruffy has once lived a life as Mumble from Happy Feet and another as a Horseshoe Crab. Ruffy is amphibious. Meaning he can live on both land and in water. He has gills and lungs which allow him to do so. When in water, his body is built in a way to prevent water from filling his lungs and causing him to drown. Ruffy has a form of Tourette Syndrome which causes him to involuntarily snap his fingers. Although it's moderate, it can be noticeable, especially when engaging in conversations with him. This is probably a hederatory trait passed down from ShadowTheFluffhog who is also known to have Tourette's.


© (RuffyTheFluffhog) MariaTheFictionkin, (Sonic the Hedgehog Series) Sonic Team/SEGA
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