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This page lists all the user-created social groups on Kinmunity: Otherkin Community.

A place for all Therian/Otherkin to share thoughts and experiences.
A group for fictionkin, fictives, people questioning such, and so on to interact.
For alienkin, spacekin, and other extra-terrestrial beings.
A group for gamers to know eachother, so we could play any kind of game together!

lock Roleplay

A simple all purpose role play group for KM.
A group for dragons, draconic beings and anyone with an interest.

public Demonkin

A group for demon resources, support and comparing experiences.

public //Forest//

A place for all otherkin/therians related to forest-type animals/beings!

public Pokekin

A group for everyone from the Pokemon Universe, including both canon and non-canon kintypes!
A group for tabletop RPG's such as Dungeons & Dragons and Vampire: The Masquerade

public Debate Club

Ethics, philosophy and spirituality, oh my!
All rare kin types are welcome to join to share experiences and to support each other!