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This page lists all the user-created social groups on Kinmunity: Otherkin Community.

Most Members

  1. Gaming Group (GG)
    83 members, 2.4K views.
  2. Canids
    66 members, 1.2K views.
  3. Dragons Lair
    62 members, 2.1K views.
  4. Demonkin
    52 members, 2.8K views.
  5. More Than Fiction
    43 members, 1.2K views.

Recent Threads

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    Maggie Darkmoon replied, Jan 3, 2017
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    Gryff replied, Dec 12, 2016

Trending Threads

public Many Facets

A group for plurals, no matter how they came to be
A group for dragons, draconic beings and anyone with an interest.
A group for gamers to know eachother, so we could play any kind of game together!
For all otherkin whose theriotype is a night hunter! (Wolf, Lynx, Fox, ect for example)

lock Canids

A group for those with canine kintypes.

public Demonkin

A group for demon resources, support and comparing experiences.
A group where one can discuss a variety of topics involving plants and their cultivation.

public Kitsune Cove

A group for kitsune resources, support and comparing experiences.

public I need help

I need help figuring out something