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  • Abide by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • You should be 13 or older to use Kinmunity, and content you post should be suitable for these audiences.
  • Be nice and respectful to everyone and avoid using 'chat speak' in the forum.
  • Don't make claims you can't back up.
  • Follow staff directions.


By using the services provided by our website, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Rules specified in this document at all times. If you are unable to comply with our Terms and Rules at any time, please discontinue use of all services provided by Kinmunity.

Kinmunity is an online community primarily intended for individuals who identify as otherkin (also including therianthropes, vampires, fictionkin, the other-hearted and animal-hearted, and others with non-human identities). We aim to provide a safe-place for all individuals with non-human identities. We are NOT a gaming, roleplay, or fantasy website.

The Rules

Kinmunity is based in the United States of America, and all users are expected to follow applicable laws when using the site.

In order to be eligible to register on Kinmunity, you must be at least thirteen years old and not already have an account (we only permit one account per physical body).

Upon registration, perspective members' IP and email addresses are checked against third party security providers in order to prevent registrations from spammers and known abusers. By registering on Kinmunity, you consent to such checks and understand that you must also confirm the validity of your email address by clicking an activation link before your account is activated. Abusive users may also have their IP address and email addresses reported to these same security providers.

While our community is primarily intended for otherkin, therianthropes, and vampires; we do permit non-kin to register, provided that they identify themselves as "human/non-kin" clearly on their profile.

For security reasons and in order to ensure compliance with our Terms and Rules, all content submitted to Kinmunity is logged. Passwords, financial data, and other information of a sensitive nature should never be submitted through private messages. While there is no facility for staff members to view private or instant messages, they are stored in our database as plain-text. Administrators may access such logs if they are required in order to respond to a valid subpoena or court order, as well as to ensure compliance with the Terms and Rules. Users can also report abusive communications using the report system, which makes them available for viewing by our staff.

  1. We request that members use proper English on Kinmunity. This includes making a best-effort attempt to spell properly and observe the rules of grammar. While we do not expect our users to have a degree in English literature, excessive "chat speak" is not permitted.
  2. Except in designated areas, content submitted to Kinmunity should be appropriate for all audiences, including people as young as thirteen years old.
  3. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Unless you have evidence to back them up, please refrain from making grandiose or outrageous claims on Kinmunity. This includes claiming to have the ability to physically shift, or claims of special “powers.“ Making such claims does nothing but harm your credibility in the community; nobody thinks you're special or cool by making them.
  4. Kinmunity takes privacy very seriously. It is forbidden for members to post personally identifying information about another person, even if that person is not a member of Kinmunity. Private messages are considered private conversations and they should never be posted publicly or shared with anyone other than a Kinmunity staff member without consent from both parties. 
  5. Please be respectful to all cultures, beliefs, and ideas. It is perfectly okay for two people to have conflicting ideas, values, beliefs, and thoughts. It is not okay if one person tries to force their way of life on another.
  6. Please try and keep discussions relevant to the topic at hand. Pay attention to which section of the site or thread you are in, and ensure your posts contribute to the topic that is being discussed. In other words, please stay on-topic.
  7. Honesty and integrity are highly valued on Kinmunity, Please be yourself and don't falsify any information about you. It is better to not provide information than it is to lie about it.
  8. Please follow the direction of our staff members at all times. If a staff member requests that you do something, their request holds as much weight as these terms and rules do. If you feel a staff member is acting inappropriately, contact a member of the administration team.
  9. If another member violates these rules, please use the “report“ function to report the offending content or member. Do not try to handle the issue yourself, that's what our staff are here for.
  10. Have fun. That's what the site is about!