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About Us

Kinmunity is an alterhuman community serving otherkin, the furry fandom, fictionkin, therians, vampires, plural systems, other-hearted, and more. It was founded by Naia Ōkami and is owned by Lycanthropy LLC. Kinmunity was first created to replace Wulf Howl (also founded by Ōkami in 2011). Kinmunity was initially founded to to be both a resource hub and friendly community for otherkin, therianthropes, and vampires. As time went on, the site grew to support various other identities within the alterhuman community, including but not limited to: fictionkin, plural systems, the other-hearted and animal-hearted, soulbonders, and copinglinkers. Kinmunity's website has gone through many iterations, with the latest version having been released on June 21st, 2020.

Staff Team
Kinmunity is a labor of love by its staff team with contributions from users all over the world. You may find a list of active staff members below:
@NaiaShe/HerRoot Administrator
@JetheroHe/HimManager, Trust & Safety
@VelvetShe/HerManager, Community Engagement
@InkyDailyShe/HerGlobal Moderator
@AmberThey/ThemGlobal Moderator
@LighterThey/ThemGlobal Moderator
@SoothsayerSashaHe/HimGlobal Moderator
@AlybirbThey/ThemOffensive Security
@TundraDragonThey/ThemChat Operator


  • Naia Ōkami
  • Alynna Trypnotk
  • Andrew Simmons
  • Liam W [RIP]
  • Ozzy47
  • Xon
  • Siropu
  • Truonglv
  • kick | Captain
  • Simon Hampel
  • JoshyPHP
  • NixFifty
  • ThemeHouse
  • XFA
  • Atelier Aphelion
  • XenForo Ltd.
  • DragonByte Technologies, Ltd
  • CMTV
  • XenAddons

  • Jethero
  • Reiji
  • AceOfTricks
  • FontAwesome
  • Material Design Icons
  • .. and various open-license packages!