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Position Description
Kinmunity has a group of elected users called Elders. Elders are responsible for creating content for and maintaining our official resources, assisting and mentoring new users, hosting events and contests, and assisting our staff team when appropriate.

Nomination Process
Elders are entrusted by the community to be active, knowledgeable, dependable, and friendly. Because of these responsibilities and the tools given to elders which assist them in executing their duties, a process has been developed by the Kinmunity administration to oversee their election. The election process is as follows:
  • Perspective elders must meet rigid tenure, activity, and quality criterion. This is evaluated by the system automatically; individuals who don't meet criteria cannot apply.
  • Perspective elders must complete an application and questionnaire.
  • The completed application and questionnaire is made available to the public, in the form of a thread with a poll.
  • Kinmunity members have thirty days to vote on the perspective member's application. All Kinmunity members may vote on applications. During this time, additional questions may be asked to the applicant (in the form of replies to the thread) by members or staff to get clarification during the voting process.
  • After 30 days, if the majority vote supports it and the application hasn't been veto'd by Kinmunity Staff, Elder access is granted to the applicant.
  • The applicant must maintain good behavior and quality content on Kinmunity to remain in-position.
Elders receive a payment of 25 bones every fourteen days, provided they meet activity requirements, for their service.

Minimum Qualifications to apply
Kinmunity takes its elder program very seriously. As such, before a person can apply for the position, they must meet a rigid set of requirements outlined below. These requirements are automatically enforced by the application system, and you will not be able to apply until you meet them. The requirements are listed below:

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Contributions & Tenure
  • Applicants have an account in good standing for at least 6 months.
  • Applicants must have made at least 500 posts.
  • Applicants must have an introduction thread in the Scent Rolling forum.
  • Applicants must have a completed "About you" profile section.

Behavior & Sanctions
  • Applicants must have no active warning points.
  • Applicants must have received no more than 3 warnings in the history of their account.
  • Applicants must not have not had more than 3 reports rejected by staff within 90 days.

Community & Quality
  • Applicants must have a reputation score of at least 25.
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